10 Must-Have Qualities To Become The Makeup Artist Every Client Loves

10 Must-Have Qualities To Become The Makeup Artist Every Client Loves
10 Must-Have Qualities To Become The Makeup Artist Every Client Loves
10 Must-Have Qualities To Become The Makeup Artist Every Client Loves
10 Must-Have Qualities To Become The Makeup Artist Every Client Loves

Countless occupations and careers have been continuing to exist and to grow today, and probably one of the reasons why they do is there are countless people also needing and wanting to learn them. No legal job or profession deserves to be underestimated, whatever industry it belongs to, because everyone is working hard and doing their best to succeed.

Makeup artistry is basically, as how it sounds, the industry where makeup (cosmetics) belong to. For some, doing makeup could only be a hobby, a personal thing to do when they’re bored or a special skill, however, for many, it’s a profession they want to pursue, an industry they want to take.

Of course, just like any profession, there are characteristics and abilities which you must have in order to qualify as a makeup artist — and not just that but a makeup artist that every client loves. Being one is not simply knowing how to put makeup on and how to blend colors. There’s so much to it! If you are interested to know the qualities of a good makeup artist, if you are already a makeup artist, or if you are among those aspiring makeup artists, this one’s for you.

Here are 10 must-have qualities to become the excellent makeup artist every client requests to work on them:

Widely Knowledgeable 

An excellent makeup artist, of course, knows what he/she is doing. There are many ways for you to become knowledgeable about makeup. The basic one is to self study by watching video tutorials and exploring styles. You can also read authority articles online, read reviews and even scientific pieces of advice regarding skin care and cosmetics, and you can also ask someone close to you to teach you.

Another way to gain knowledge about makeup is to enroll in a makeup academy or attend makeup workshops. From those are professional trainings–lectures and hands on sessions– which will prepare you to take on higher levels in the industry.

There will be no client if you cannot be trusted with the job so being knowledgeable about everything regarding it is necessary. Not everyone can do makeup right and well, so if you really want to be an artist in that industry, you must run after knowledge.

Creative In Many Ways

Art involves creativity. To be a makeup ARTIST, you must be creative. Aside from being knowledgeable on what you must know, it will be great if you can establish your own style — something that says it’s “you”.

Know how to spray glam out of simplicity! And just because a style is simple does not mean it’s boring. As a creative makeup artist, you must be able to bring life to lifeless styles and to make the most out of every look.

Try out many makeup styles and experiment on them; you never know how cool it might turn out. Art doesn’t complain. You can get out of the traditional makeup styles and do your own. It’s an edge to know how makeup styles are interpreted and how emotions and mood can also be interpreted through them. Be creative in many ways!

Good Communicator 

As a makeup artist, you work with different people, who are your clients or models. You must be approachable, friendly and clear when you communicate with them. A good communicator isn’t just good when speaking but also when listening.

Clients have requests. Make sure you understand and listen very well to know what they want. On the other hand, be honest if you think that the style they want is not what they need. In detail, explain politely and comprehensibly. If they don’t agree with your statement or suggestion, it’s alright to reiterate your point, but don’t force them. Don’t make your clients feel uncomfortable with their makeup.

In another case, if you want to give your clients what they want but at the same time want to give them what you think is best, give them other options you’ve thought of creatively (This is where creativity comes specially).

Sometimes, you might also work with photographers – especially for photoshoots. You are both in the Art Industry so you must understand each other. Listen to suggestions, and don’t hesitate to also give yours. In that way, both of you will produce an outstanding outcome.

From beginning to end, make friends with your clients and photographers. Listen and speak well with them.


Even the makeup artistry is affected by advancements happening due to modernization. Art also widens, and countless styles are created and curated. It’s an advantage if you are a makeup artist who is updated with trends and styles of today while not forgetting the timeless ones.

Being updated with those enables you to work with all ages and with any kind of theme. It gives you more job opportunities. Aside from that, your skills are even enhanced and upgraded too. You can’t be olden by time because your skill in makeup artistry flows with it.

Peacefully Patient 

Having makeup artist as a job may seem easy for those who don’t know how it goes, but the truth is, just like any job, there are challenges too. One of those is getting your patience tested, and it happens in a few ways.

As a makeup artist, you experience clients who have many demands, high expectations, several questions and even repetitive changes. You might experience a client who didn’t like the outcome of her makeup so she asks you to adjust how she looks. Some might ask changes again and again. Others might have too many questions. All those are surely stressful, but you have to be patient.

Keen Attention To Detail

Detail is surely an important aspect of makeup. The whole finished product is composed of details. In makeup, every detail counts; every detail makes an impact and affect the whole look of it. A little detail done wrong can make the whole thing wrong-looking.

You must have clear sight for details. Most clients don’t know a lot about the makeup artistry in a professional way, but they can easily spot when something is off. You, as well and most especially, must be able to do so. You must know how to put the details right, and you should be able to detect when something looks bad.

Neatness is one of the most important qualities of a makeup look, and you must know that how details are incorporated affects how clean it appears.


The motto “Time is gold” also applies here. Doing makeup consumes time — a lot of it. Sometimes, the duration also depends on the style. The thing is that doing it, if you want to do it the best way, isn’t really a quick way. There are steps. You, the makeup artist also examines the skin of the client first, especially if it’s your first time to meet each other. You’ll talk about things — what the client wants, what you want, what you’ll do and so on and so forth. There are things to talk about even before you proceed to the makeup itself.

It is very vital that you value punctuality. Don’t be late for the call time. Arrive on the venue early because you have to set up your makeup materials, to see the lighting of the place, to know the clothes to be worn by the client and to know other important details.

There’s a lot you could miss out if you come late! You could miss the chance to do your best because time is running out quickly. Especially if you’re doing makeup for an event that will happen after some hours, don’t be late. You will make yourself stressed out and your client nervous and pressured also whether your job will turn out well.

It’s in your favor if the venue where you’ll do the makeup is the exact venue for the event because that lessens the pressure. If it isn’t, however, that’s another problem. Make sure you’re early so there’s a time allowance even if adjustments have to be made.

Can Work Under Pressure

Well, sometimes, it’s really unavoidable to run out of time especially when sudden, unforeseen changes and happenings arise. Now, this is where all your special qualities as a makeup artist will be used. You must also be able and willing to work under pressure.

If you’ll be late for the call time, there’s no choice but to do it quickly but still with excellent quality. Do everything you can to still give your client the best look he or she will never regret.

If you’ll work for a makeup salon, on the other hand, there’s another pressure because you have a boss, and clients might also be in a hurry. Customers may also form a long line already if makeup artists are slow. Learn how to work under pressure with, still, an excellent product.

Does Not Settle For Mediocrity 

An excellent makeup artist that clients love is the one who makes them feel proud about how they look after the makeup session. As a makeup artist, you aim to give your clients a great quality. You don’t want to settle for “Okay, this will do.” You want your clients to feel like they don’t want to wash their faces off after the day. It’s something they’ll take lots of photos and selfies with and post them on social media, tagging you as their favorite makeup artist.

Remember, it shows if you’ve done something with full effort and with excellence. Your client’s face manifests it, and it reflects who you are as an artist. You do excellence for your clients and also for you. Mediocrity is not an option.

Passionate And Dedicated

This is something deeper. It can’t be seen immediately by the naked eye, but it can be felt. If you love your job, do it with passion and dedication. Those two cannot be bought by money.

Being passionate and dedicated with the makeup artistry means you’re not only doing it for salary or past time, but for your dreams’ fulfillment, for your love for the craft and for other people’s happiness and pleasure too. It will be felt through your concern towards your clients needs. It will be felt through your perseverance to take on challenges even if there’s a lot. It will be felt through your willingness to learn and improve however famous or excellent you’d become as a makeup artist.


More than your reputation, your regular clients, your talent fee, your location and your ability to establish a salon, the above-mentioned qualities truly make an excellent makeup artist. Sometimes, it’s not about the makeup brands you use or the ambiance of your makeup salon, but it’s about who you are as a professional makeup artist. That’s what makes clients love you.

Author Bio:

Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy, Australia’s leading beauty brand that offers a wide selection of prestige cosmetics suitable for everybody. Taking care of the skin and keeping oneself hygienic, beautiful and healthy are some of the many topics she writes about. She also does research and shares her thoughts regarding people’s use of makeup and the artistry itself. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts. “To God be all the glory”