10 Simple Ways To Improve Your Parcel Delivery Efficiency

10 Simple Ways To Improve Your Parcel Delivery Efficiency
10 Simple Ways To Improve Your Parcel Delivery Efficiency

Lightning-fast and damage-free parcel delivery is now the Holy Grail of many businesses. You might be providing an outstanding shopping experience to your customers. But if their package is damaged or late, they may complain against you on social media, even if the carrier is to blame.

These complaints and customer-dissatisfaction can hurt your brand reputation as well profits. To avoid these situations, you must focus on your parcel delivery efficiency. Remember, having great products at incredible prices isn’t enough to drive positive user experience. Your parcel delivery efficiency equally matters!

Here are ten great ways to improve your parcel delivery efficiency

Help Customers Avoid Porch Pirates

Porch pirate is a term used for thieves that steal parcels from recipient’s porches. Recipients can avoid these thefts by installing lockers, cameras and security services.

But the most foolproof way to avoid porch pirate is to ensure that the good delivered only when the customer is home. Retailers should schedule delivery times and provide frequent shipping notifications, so the consumer knows when to be home.

Always Send Notifications

Once the delivery process is handed off to the carrier, your customers should be continuously notified of their package status. These notifications will reduce the number of hectic emails and phone calls that you may otherwise receive from the customers asking about the shipment of their parcel.

Offer Branded And Eco-Friendly Packaging

Branded packaging is similar to a mobile billboard. Make it eye-catching, so that your customers will remember it forever.

Also, use eco-friendly packaging as this concept is gaining popularity and shoppers pay more for environment-friendly packaging.

Speed Up Communication With Your Warehouse

One of the worst reason behind slow down parcel delivery service is to keep the order locked between the customer’s order and the actual order process.

Make it instantaneous! As soon as you receive the order, it should take only a few seconds to process the order at your warehouse or by your supplier.

Automate Your Warehouse Processing

Your parcel delivery efficiency has a lot to do with your warehouse efficiency and, to improve your warehouse efficiency, you should automate it.

An automated warehouse improves your business productivity and boosts the material flow. You can use scanning devices to get instant, up-to-date information on your inventory. The automated warehouse also increases reliability, reduces running costs and fetches better ROI.

Make A List Of Your Couriers Vice Provider

Check all top-rated services available to you and note down their price per weight and destination. This way, you just need to check the list and pick the most appropriate parcel delivery service.

Provide And Improve Traceability Of Your Package

If you can’t speed up your shipping process, keep your customers informed by providing a dedicated tracking page.

Customers become highly-engaged with your brand during the period between placing the order and delivery. A branded tracking page helps people know where their order is. It makes them feel much satisfied because they’re informed about what’s happening.

Provide Multiple Shipping Options

Depending on their preferences, customers may have different shipping needs. So, you must provide them with multiple shipping options and free them off shipping concerns.

Shipping options may range from overnight delivery to 5-8 business days. Though customers mostly prefer the cheapest option, in many cases, speed is highly valued.

Tie Deliveries To Incentives

For quick and accurate deliveries, another lucrative option is to get your employees onboard. Reward employees for making quicker shipping time possible and uphold those rewards for poor performance.

This process will effectively improve your parcel delivery efficiency from inside out.

Keep Your Customers On Priority

To speed up your shipping process and improve your parcel delivery efficiency, you must put your customers first. Each time you think of your delivery services and methods to enhance it think from your customers’ perspective.

There are always many more ways to improve your parcel delivery performance. You should always keep looking for better ways when it comes to your business.