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10 Tips To Decorate Your Home Using Accessories

The right home accessories lend that perfect touch of whimsy and fancy to a home. They convey that the person or people who live in that home have a definite sense of style and artistic expression. The right home accessory can brighten a room, make it look bigger and brighter, and create a point of interest as well.
1. Use Mirrors To Create The Illusion Of Space
To make a small room appear larger, place decorates mirrors or stained-glass wall hangings directly opposite windows. The mirrors will reflect sunlight and spread it around your room, making your room brighter. The illusion of space is achieved when the mirrors reflect the room, giving it a spacey look.
2. Create A Point Of Interest Using Crystal Glass Vases
Place a glass-topped coffee table over a colorful woven oriental rug. Place a large crystal glass on the coffee table and watch how it reflects the colors in the rug. You can place these vases, which come in several colors, on your fireplace mantelpiece, on side tables, and on granite countertops.
3. Use Wall Hangings To Make A Rectangular Room More Square
Hang heavy wall hangings on both sides of the shorter wall, cutting the length of the room.  Invest in the right colors depending on the amount of light in the room – you don’t want to create two dark corners. On the longer walls, place two or three large mirrors opposite each other, which gives the illusion of horizontal space.
4. Use Your Mantelpiece To Brighten A room
Line your mantelpiece with one or two large decorative porcelain mirrored platters to reflect the flames from your fireplace. This adds some light and interest to the room. You can also place picture frames in silver, gold-tone or even in a crystal to reflect more light. Don’t place dark objects on your mantelpiece, as this defeats the purpose.
5. Use Colorful Area Rugs
Throw rugs and area rugs in different colors and animal prints add interest to the overall room. Be sure that the colors vibe with your room theme. You can place these rugs under side tables, below chairs, or just about any place that can do with a spot of color.
6. Use Artificial Flower Arrangements
These days you can buy so many kinds of artificial flower arrangements, some with glitter on them. Place a bunch of long-stemmed spring roses in a crystal vase on your mantelpiece. Hang a sprig of green leaves with plastic strawberries from a hook on the wall. Don’t overdo it – just use the right bits at the right places to brighten your home.
7. Put Up Pictures And Portraits
A picture on the wall makes a classy statement, whether it’s a modern Picasso or a classic Monet. If you can buy the real deal, go for it, or get hold of original artistic reproductions. Frame them according to the light in your room – dark frames can make a dim room look gloomier. Place them on light-colored walls, at the brightest spots.
8. Use Plants To Bring Nature In
Invest in low-maintenance, attractive potted house plants that will not grow too fast and won’t flower. You can get a pretty trellis and wind it around a post embedded in the pot and place it in your foyer. If your plant has very large leaves, make sure you put it in a large pot. Avoid using lots of different colors and try grouping various plants to create interest.
9. Create Symmetric Wall Groupings
Lay your wall grouping on the floor in front of the destination wall, and work out the size and shape first. You don’t want a long, rectangular wall grouping on a short wall, or a long oval grouping on a small wall. Make sure the grouping works well with your wall and the light in the room.
10. Look Out For Proportions
When you’re hanging pictures and wall hangings, make sure that the item is not wider than the furniture in front of it. For example, if you are hanging a painting behind a love seat, the painting must be shorter in length than the love seat. Whatever you hang, paste or fix to a wall must be at eye-height only.
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