15 Decorating Tips for Your Bedroom

bedroom decoration
bedroom decoration

Your bedroom is more than just the place where you lay your head each night. Your bedroom is the place where you dream, where you dress for work and life, and where you spend time relaxing with the person you love. If you want your bedroom to have a certain amount of style, you might want to check out these 15 tips for decorating your bedroom so that you can make it the most relaxing room in your house.

Easy Decorations

Pile pillows on your bed to make it softer, more feminine, and more inviting. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, either.

Make your own wall art. Try painting stripes on the wall behind your bed or even hanging a large quilt on the wall behind your bed. Just make sure that your bed linens complement the art you choose.

Use patterns on your bed. When you have a great pattern on your linens your room needs less décor.

Think prints when it comes to accentuating your décor. Instead of a tried and true basic lamp, go with one that has a pretty paisley print to bring out the softness of the room.

Create space by affixing shelves and lamps to the wall. This frees up your dresser space.

Don’t worry about making everything perfectly centred. The thing about bedrooms is that they have a lot of windows and doors, which mean you may not always be able to centre everything perfectly.

Unexpected Décor Tips

Be consistent. If you plan on using a lot of delicately curved furniture and accents, don’t deviate with other pieces.

Choose comfort first. Your bed will be more inviting if you pile it with down comforters and other linens made for comfortable sleeping. Forget the fancy linens that you are afraid to touch.

Angle your bed. If you have a great bed that demands attention, angle it in a corner of the room to create a focal point. Angling anything in a corner automatically makes it become the focal point of any room.

Keep size in mind. The accessories you choose need to be sized to look right with your bed. If you have a huge four-poster bed, choose a big side table and big lamps. If you have an ultra-modern platform bed that’s low to the ground, choose low, small accessories to keep everything in scale.

Use pops of colour. If your room is decorated primarily in blue and white, add a surprising pop of colour by placing a white vase full of yellow flowers on the nightstand to add depth, dimension, and interest to your bedroom.

Don’t ignore the floor. Your floor deserves a little attention as well. Try using a bright rug to illuminate the colour and warmth of your bedroom and to draw the eye in.

Pick a colour and stick with it, but vary the shades. If you paint your walls bright blue, go with navy on the bed. Use baby blue for the rug, and go with a periwinkle blue for your accessories. Sticking to the same colour family and using multiple layers of the colour is a great way to add comfort to your bedroom.

Go luxe with little details. Add a plush chair to a small corner to make a resting place, or silk drapes to create a more luxurious look to any room.

Make it personal. If you are eclectic, use that to transform your room.