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    4 Top Ranking Digital Marketing Trends

    Globalized world and present digital market has completely metamorphosed the paradigm of contemporary marketing techniques. Changing technology has come as a boon as well as challenge for the businesses to stay relevant in the present environment of revolutionizing trends and marketing techniques. To put it in simple words, technology transforms faster than we implement it and thus there is always this impediment to overcome.

    Eighty percent of businesses find it hard to sustain in the challenging age of digital trends due to lack of qualified resource and experts to administer the digital marketing service for their business. While Winhub Solutions has been a recognized and certified Search Engine Marketing and digital marketing service provider in North India. We are taking offshore as well as onshore projects to help businesses achieve their set growth target on the digital platform.
    Let’s explore some latest digital marketing trends that marketers as well as online businesses must be aware of to stay in the league.

    Facebook still ahead of others: Although still one of the most used social media application in top nations like USA and India, it is important to understand the demographic type that is mostly active on this platform and whether social media campaigns will serve the purpose in attracting the right audience for your business.
    Facebook might have high traffic rate for every day but as per the recent studies the trend of being the favorite app for the younger audience is actually taking a downhill trend. Judicious use of the platform will certainly favor your marketing strategy to gain potential buyers/customers.
    Increase in chatbots: Improving the customer engagement, chatbots are proving beneficial and are going to be in digital marketing trend for this year for sure. Chatbots assist customers in completing their goals while providing human-like interactions.
    Video content is a must have: Online user is comfortable consuming information through video and if we look at the recent statistics, more than 85 percentage of Indian audience engages with YouTube. Video digital marketing has come up as one of the strongest and effective digital marketing trends for this year and investing in video content will certainly benefit your brand in terms of improving brand exposure.
    A good content is always needed: Among all the upcoming and changing digital marketing trends, one which sustains its position is the content marketing. People will always need quality content to learn and engage with any business or brand. Working on content marketing strategies will work in your favor in boosting the brand value and connecting through social media marketing.

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