4 Ways to Prevent Your Podcast From Being Boring!

If you are a content creator, your life will certainly get reflected in your work. A content creator needs to create content regularly. He can’t become entertaining all the time. Sometimes similar types of content are not available, and people start finding him boring! The personal life of a content creator also gets reflected in his work. If he is sad, that sadness will somehow get reflected in his work. If you have a podcast, this same thing applies to you as well. No matter how bored you are, your boredom should not get reflected in your work. Hence, here are some amazing ways to prevent your podcast from being boring!


This is the strong basement on which your work is standing! Most of the time, content creators start creating random works without proper planning.

  • Deadline is one of the main reasons behind these unplanned works. You need to finish a podcast quickly and then upload it on your channel to maintain the consistency of your channel. But this last-minute addition becomes painful for your channel, and listeners find these things very boring.
  • You need to have proper planning, and then you need to schedule your work properly. Do not delay everything and do not keep everything to the last minute. Good content creators plan their whole month strategy at the beginning of the month. Now they strategically plan to upload all their works throughout the month.  Also, whenever required podcast editing is necessary.
  • You know your audience, and if you are not sure, you can ask their opinion over a poll! Are your followers connected with you over social media platforms? If yes, ask them what they want to listen to and plan your works accordingly.

Changes are required:

Do you have a particular pattern? You must have some! You need to change that. Changes are the only constant, and your followers are going to love the changes you make. So, surprise them with something new.

  • Do you have a co-host for a long time? If yes, change him. If you are making a solo podcast, this is the time you took someone with you as a co-host! Change the format, and people are going to love it for sure!
  • Do you make similar podcasts with the same boring background music? You should try something new! Why don’t you contact another artist who is willing to share his work with your podcast! Give a shoutout to his work and tell your followers to follow him too! Your followers will start trusting you more!
  • You must be making the same kind of boring stuff! Why don’t you try something new? Something sassy and fiery side-kicks will attract people more to your content. But do not add something that doesn’t gel well with your content!
  • Shifting their interests to something else can help them understand the importance of your podcasts, maybe! Try to add some interesting features to your podcast and change the taste of it. Keep the mainframe the same; just change the sidekicks for the better.

Bring your friends:

We behave in an uncontrolled way when our friends surround us. This is the reason that Youtubers bring their friends to their daily vlogs and people love these contents. If you have funny and creative friends in your circle, bring them to your podcast. Invite them as guests, and you know how to deal with them and make your podcast interesting! Let us help you with some ideas.

  • We all play games. Games with friends is a buzzing idea, and you can become very creative in this way! Be creative and present something that your listeners have never heard before! Try to keep an interactive session once a month and see how your listeners are reacting to it. podcast editing should be done before you release the final version. If they start liking the pattern, make it a regular one to your channel!
  • Be creative with your friends. You can start discussion sessions with them. If you have a doctor friend, you can ask him some questions regarding a particular issue, maybe mental health or the importance of regular exercises, etc. This may grab your listeners’ attention!
  • Have you participated in plays during school or college days? Why not relive those moments again? Ask your friends to choose a play or story loved by most of you. Now divide the characters and prepare a podcast with them!

New approach!

Well, we all start from a certain point, and we all have to finish at some point. Sometimes we choose where to stop, and sometimes, the situations make us stop abruptly. But we will ask you not to stop abruptly but try something different.

  • If these podcasts are not doing well, that means people want to experience something else. You may have been offering them the same content over the years. Now they need something else! So, try making different podcasts. You can change the pattern of your channel, or you can altogether create another podcast!
  • Do you love video making? Lots of online video projects are going on. You can volunteer in one of those. If you find those attractive and creative, may your spark come back to you! May you find a way to attract your listeners once again! This can be beneficial for your current podcast!
  • If you know other creatives of the same genre, try to collaborate with them. Contact them over email or any social media website. Ask them humbly about the idea you have. If you have something really creative, they will definitely accept your offer. It can be a real game-changer for your podcast.


If nothing works, you should give yourself some time. Take a break, go out with friends, spend time with your family, and do all the stuff that makes you happy. If you have a pet, try to spend some time with it. If possible, take a short trip to somewhere near your place. Spend time with unknown people, and you may find new sorts of content ideas from there! A creator needs to be creative all the time. But it is not possible! Even if you are the most entertaining creator, then also you may face such phases. So, do not break down and try something new. We hope it works for you!

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