5 Awesome Places To Whale Watch In California

5 Awesome Places To Whale Watch In California
5 Awesome Places To Whale Watch In California
5 Awesome Places To Whale Watch In California
5 Awesome Places To Whale Watch In California


Your hunt for the places to whale watch would end up at California. From the past few years, the place has become the top destination for Whale watching. We don’t need to talk much about whale as everyone is well conscious about this elephant of an ocean. It is one of the majestic and enormous creatures that people could often see in real life.  A whale is an amazing creature of God that will amaze people through its huge and big size.

Whale watching can be dangerous for you in real life. So if you get off from your house with the intention to watch a whale then thinks twice. They are not only huge in size but also powerful. A human being a cannot stand in front of such Grand Whale.  But under the supervision of a person who is well familiar with nature and can interact with a whale, you can have sight of Whale.  There are many ideal places for whale watching in California.  Whale watching in California is the most popular thing for tourist.  It is already a world’s largest mammals migrating past coastal points, feeding near the coast and swimming in inlets. Along with this, you will also find plenty of ocean creatures to experience sea life here.

Five Ideal Places To Go Whale Watching

As we stated earlier that it is the ideal destination for whale watching. It is always good for you to watch such a huge creation under strict supervision. In this article, we have come up with all those major 5 places for whale watching in California.

1. Santa Cruz Whale Watching

Santa Curz is basically known for its hang loose surf scene, oceanfront amusement park, flawless beach, and classic wooden pier. But it has another massive or huge beneath the surface. It is one of the ideal places for whale watching in the whale, including grays, blues, and humpbacks. Along with this, you will also have the sight of dolphins other.  Here you will enjoy the exciting whale-watching cruises, chartered sailing excursions, or for staggeringly intimate encounters on guided kayak paddles when waters are calm. You will get a chance to enjoy the whale watching any time in the year.

2. Mendocino Whale Watching

Every year, from movement through April, California gray whales starts the annual migration from feeding grounds in Alaska south to mate and have babies in the warm coastal lagoons of Baja, Mexico. All around its way, the whale used to swim off the Mendocino Coast, which ultimately offers an unforgettable chance to see the leviathans spouting, breaching, and diving as they make their epic journey south.

3. Whale Watching In San Diego

San Diego is another Best Places for Whale Watching. It consists of a pair of binoculars. Here you can spot whales from the high bluffs at Torrey Pines State Reserve and the Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, both in La Jolla about 20 minutes north of downtown San Diego. Along with this, you can enjoy Whale Watch Lookout Point sits 420 feet/128 meters above the waves with a wide visible place.

4. Moss Landing Whale Watching

It is another ideal place for whale watching that you must not miss if you are looking for the best place for whale watching. You will never forget the adventurous that you will experience here. You can enjoy such place more in the summer area. In the summertime, the condition would be calm that will help you in experiencing paddlers. Along with this, you will also experience the smack-dab in the middle of the whale-watching action. Along with all the fun, you can watch the show, with humpbacks spouting, fluking, and even breaching all around.

5. Whale Watching Near Monterey

Watching a whale in real can amaze and remains your mouth open wide for a sector. You can enjoy such an amazing sight of nature in Monterey.  Here you will see the real thing on whale watching trip from the adjacent harbor, or head out from San Pedro to the west. It ensures you have a good chance to spot blue whales June through October and migrating gray whales December to mid-May.

What Is The Ideal Time To Watch Whale In California?

Everything has its own right time to perform. If you will do every work as according to the way it should be then you will find more happiness in performing those tasks. So while keeping mind about the important guidelines about when you go for whale watching in California, we have come up with the guidance.

Since whales are quite big, we cannot control their action but can track and record the timing and check out the places where they are most visited and noticed.  Gray whales usually start swimming south from Alaska in October, generally passing from the coat off San Diego from December through January and again in February and March when they return to their feeding grounds.  At this time, they are closest to the shore when traveling south, in particular between Monterey and San Diego. Thus, it is the ideal time to watch a whale. This analysis is thoroughly drawn by doing the intense recording and noticing the whale actions and movement.  If you planning to go for whale watching then it could be the ideal time for doing it.


Everyone should experience once in their life. It is the most exotic experience of life that every person should accept. Whale watching can amaze you as you might have never seen such big creative ever in your life before. So be ready for having the sight of such best creative that will provide you with the best ever feeling of life ever. God has multiple creative that you never know. It is one of them;The movement of whale would keep your gazing at one place. So just hold your breath and visit such places in California and fulfill your hunger to roam in such an exotic place.