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5 Best Reasons Why You Should Study Law in the USA

5 Best Reasons Why You Should Study Law in the USA
5 Best Reasons Why You Should Study Law in the USA
5 Best Reasons Why You Should Study Law in the USA
5 Best Reasons Why You Should Study Law in the USA

Law is a universal part of your life, it is necessary everywhere, and its something that affects everyone. If you want to Study in the USA and have a bright adventurous future in law, these are some solid reasons why you should study law in the USA.

Most Universities in the USA offer a law degree in Juris Doctor, which is a professional doctorate. Juris Doctor is the highest degree necessary to practice law in states. J.D is a three-year program in general, but some law schools also offer an accelerated Juris Doctor Program. Most practitioners go for the traditional Juris Doctor Program. Other major programs include Master of Laws (LLM) and Doctor of Juridical Science (J.S.D or S.J.D). These are more international courses, like the law system in the US is quite different from other parts of the world.

1. Renowned Institutes:

With Harvard Law School being one of the most prestigious institutes in the world, USA is home to many esteemed Top Universities and Law colleges you can apply to. Top universities mean a resourceful academic experience, training and excellent placement opportunities not just in the USA but all over the world. Whether you take a law degree in Juris Doctor (JD) or LLM (Master of Laws) the opportunities are numerous.

According to US News Rankings, these are Best Law Schools across the country:

Top Ranked Law Schools QS World Law Rankings US News Law Rankings Application Fees
Yale University, Connecticut 4 1 $85
Stanford University, Stanford 5 2 $100
Harvard University, Cambridge 1 3 $85
University of Chicago, Illinois 11 4 $85
Columbia University, New York 10 5 $85

2. Employability:

Law Colleges in the USA are known for their impressive and impeccable employability ratio. Studying law from Top Universities in the USA means no matter in which part of the world you are, you will find just the right job for the education you have pursued. With excellent teaching and results obtained from that, you become eligible to work for a wide range of field from corporate offices to Lawyers of the state.

3. Exciting Challenges and Possibilities:

If you want to practice law in the USA, it will be the most challenging and adventurous thing you will opt for. A transparent and straightforward law system always throws challenges to lawyers, and for those of you who are passionate about the law, it will be a wonderful, fascinating experience. As there is a large number of possibilities, more and more growing experiences await you at any given time. Even after you have completed your law school, you can work where it interests you most. Because law affects everything, you can be working for a multi-specialty medical establishment or United Nations for that matter.

4. Money Matters

Yes, it does. Studying law in the USA is one of the most rewarding programs one can choose to be in. Even the fresh lawyers, just starting out from the law school can get up to 50000 USD annually based on their academics and ability. The median salary for lawyers in the USA is around 115000 USD. Not many professions while being so satisfying are equally rewarding at the same time.

5. World full of Possibilities:

Not every person who studies law becomes a lawyer. While being a lawyer is also an achievement in itself, there is a sea of opportunities waiting for you after graduation. These include corporate lawyers, teachers, town planners, journalists or government consultants or lawyers. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can start your own business, too. As said earlier, the presence of law is universal and that makes the possibilities endless. You can even use the law degree for your future academic and career growth.