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    5 Expert Tips to Get Your Wedding Catering On Point

    Wedding preparations can seem daunting as there is always so much to do. One of these is finalising a wedding caterer, and making sure your guests love the food served on your wedding day, because you obviously don’t want them to go home hungry!

    Good food makes everyone happy and we know you would want it to be truly special- to align with the spirit of the day that will be in your fondest memory thereafter.

    Let’s get started with the expert tips put together by Cheeky Bites Catering to have everything on point.

    1- Settle On A Theme

    As you are approaching your special day, make sure to settle on a theme and plan everything accordingly. The presentation also holds significance along with the taste of delicacies served at your wedding, which must reflect the theme that you’ve decided on. Considering a theme would add that extraordinary touch and make your day unique in its own special way.

    Speak to your caterer about the theme, and let them take over on how beautifully they would present the food on your wedding day. Right from the cutlery, to the serveware, everything can be customised for it to be spot-on!




    2- Budget

    It is very important to have a dedicated budget for catering while you finalise one for the entire wedding. Having a budget would help you and your caterer put together the menu accordingly.

    Catering companies like Cheeky Bites Catering have a vast food menu and can customise it according to your budget. Just be transparent about how much you are willing to spend on the food and your caterer will take care of the rest.

    3- Work Out The Numbers

    You must have a fair idea about the number of people attending your wedding ceremony, which can be passed on to your caterer and the arrangements can be made accordingly. The costs in events are usually on a per-head basis and that is how you and your caterer can find out the amount of money you will be spending.

    Make sure to ask your guests for RSVP to have the perfect food setup to welcome them at your D-day.



    4- Tasting

    Once you are done with the above three, it’s time to finalise the menu (best part) and do the tasting (well, the most favorite part) for the scrumptious dishes that will be served on your special day. Most catering companies organise tasting sessions for their clients, so this won’t be a problem! to ensure you are satisfied with the entire setup- including the presentation, the variety of dishes, and the taste. A successful tasting session means you are almost ready for the Sydney Finger foods Wedding.


    5- Dietary Requirements

    Your guests would have different dietary requirements- due to personal preferences, cultural backgrounds, or health factors. As a brilliant host, you ought to take care of these requirements and don’t forget to ask for the same whilst you ask your guests for RSVP.

    Once you know the dietary requirements of your guests, you can finalise the menu accordingly. Most of the wedding caterers have food options that suit people with different dietary requirements. From non-vegetarian and vegetarian to gluten-free and vegan, they have it all. Almost every Sydney Finger Foods Wedding has more than two dietary requirements met, thereby making the food enjoyable for all the guests attending the event.


    Woohoo! You are all set with the catering part now. Having it this way would save much of your time and energy, and you can focus on other wedding preparations to rollout the best of everything; after all you are getting married with the love of your life (how awesome!)

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