5 Foods That Help Prevent Bleeding Gums

5 Foods That Help Prevent Bleeding Gums

5 Foods That Help Prevent Bleeding Gums


Gum disease is a common problem that many of us have witnessed over the years but only a few detect it before it is too late. If your gums bleed on a daily basis you may just ignore it thinking that this is a very normal thing. But bleeding gums can have far reaching consequences.

Gum disease can enhance the risks of tooth decay, inflammation and bleeding gums. Not only that, but research has also brought to light the fact that gum ailment is closely linked with chronic conditions like oral cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia and stroke. Bleeding gums contributes greatly in this case.

Fortunately, apart from brushing and flossing there are other ways to prevent the bleeding of gums and gum ailment and the diet you follow has a very crucial role to play in this case. Here are some of the foods that help to prevent bleeding gums. Take a look.


Onions are great as the fantastic foods for the healthy gums. This is simply because they can neutralise the oral bacteria in the mouth. The onions are rich in microbial properties that help to keep at bay the bacteria causing cavities and gum ailments. For great gums try to incorporate more onions into the meals as salad toppers in burgers and sandwiches. You can also include them in soups, stir fries, chillies and stews.


Your gums can also be strengthened by consuming milk just like it strengthens the bone. The oral bacteria give rise to inflammation of the gums that lead to cracks allowing them to bleed. Your gums get stronger when you consume more calcium, so they are able to withstand the impact of the gum disease causing oral bacteria more strongly.

Leafy GreensCitrus Fruits & Peppers

The veggies like spinach and kale are enriched with mouth-healthy minerals and vitamins. Especially they contain vitamin C that reduces inflammation and increases the production of red blood cells. Both these perks help to combat against the irritation and gum disease. Because of the high fibre content, the leafy greens call for more chewing and this creates more saliva.  This assists to flush the food particles, plaque and bacteria out that can be sticking to the gumline. You should revamp your diet with yummy and powerful greens accompanying the main meals as cooked side-dishes, as salads and also by putting them in sandwiches and soups. On the other hand, acidic fruits like oranges, pineapples, kiwis and strawberries as well as peppers of all colours also contain vitamin C. You should add them into your diet to make the most of these anti-inflammatory vitamins. You can take these as part of your regular diet by adding them in salads, yogurts and smoothies


You have a higher risk of suffering from bleeding gums if your body suffers from the deficiency of vitamin A. One of the greatest sources of beta-carotene happens to be apricots that help the body to produce more vitamin A. In order to enhance your vitamin A levels adding apricots in cereals and salads can be a great way.

Carrots, Celery & Apples

The stuck-on plaque and food particles can be removed by the crunchy fruits. The hard bits of foods like carrots, celery and apples go in between the tooth crevices and teeth and assist in keeping the mouth fresh in between brushing. Moreover, the crunchy fruits also call for more chewing as they are filled with fibres and hence generate more saliva. Saliva is responsible for flushing the bacteria near the gumline. To help get rid of food particles between meals you should add these foods as part of your regular diet.

The above are some of the foods that you should try to have as part of your regular diets. Apart from the above, you should also go for appointments with the most reputed dentist in South Delhi at least twice a year. This way your oral health can be checked thoroughly and any impending threat to your mouth can be detected and treated early so that you can have great oral health and can keep flaunting a beautiful and trouble-free smile for years to come.