5 things to remember when selecting a pre-school

5 things to remember when selecting a pre-school
5 things to remember when selecting a pre-school

Sending your child to nursery school is a huge step, that’s why it’s so important that you put them in a school that you feel is right for them and is adequately equipped to help your child grow. Below we have come up with some things to remember and consider when you’re choosing a pre-school.

Location – If you’re going to be commuting from work every day to pick your child up, you want to make sure that you will always arrive on time. Choose a pre-school that isn’t a million miles away from your work place so that you don’t get stuck in traffic on the way to pick them up. Also, being close to the pre-school means that in case of an emergency you aren’t too far away and can quickly respond to any calls from the school.

Safety – Safety and wellbeing is paramount and so when you leave your child at your selected pre-school you want to leave them with complete peace of mind. You’ll want assurance that your child is secure where they are and safe from harm. You should check that they have staff members who are fully first aid trained and that they have a security system. Experienced staff from day nurseries in Docklands have said that ensuring that the facility is safe for a child should be the very first thing you check, so make sure that you’re going to be comfortable leaving your infant there before going over anything else.

The teaching – Remember, you’re sending your child to pre-school to learn. It’s vital that you check that all the teaching staff have the necessary qualifications before sending your child there. Get to know the teacher that will be taking care of your infant so that you can assess their personality and methods. This person will be responsible for your child’s growth and safety so make sure that you are happy leaving a child in their care.

Curriculum – Pre-school is the time in which your child can grow and develop social and problem solving skills to prepare them for later life. With this in mind it’s important to find out what sort of learning the school encourage. Do they promote learning through creativity? What’s their day to day schedule? Answers to questions like these will give you a better idea of how the school teach and if it’s suited to your child’s skills and abilities.

The facility – It’s important that you actually go out and visit the potential schools rather than just taking somebody’s word for it. Visiting the school will give you the opportunity to see the facility for yourself. Do they have equipment and toys that will encourage learning? Is the cleanliness of the school up to your standards? Make sure you take your child along with you and gauge their reaction so that you will be able to identify whether they’re going to be happy there.

Sending your child to pre-school is a scary prospect. Trusting someone to care and nurture your child is a big step and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Make sure you put plenty of time into researching the pre-school you’re going for and that both you and the child are happy with the decision.