5 Tips For Quick Weight Gain By Dietitian

5 Tips For Quick Weight Gain By Dietitian

5 Tips For Quick Weight Gain By Dietitian


Most of us have the notion that being thin and slim is being beautiful and simply because it is the current trend. But, at the same time, it would be wrong to despise people who are naturally skinny and find it difficult to put on some healthy weight because they are underweight.

In order to achieve healthy weight gain, you need to work really hard with determination, similarly as you need in the case of losing weight.

What Does Being Underweight Means?

“Underweight” is a term that can be described by saying that it is an individual who isn’t in a healthy weight range and his body fat is lesser than what is required to be within the healthy range.

As per some of the Best Dietitian In Delhi for weight gain, there are many amongst us who are naturally slim body type, but the ones who are termed underweight, are the ones, who are so because of poor nutrition or malnutrition or some health-related issues.

Being underweight is not at all healthy and to gain weight safely within the parameters of age and height helps reducing health problems that arise from being underweight.

Additional to the physical issues that one may face due to being underweight, there are also psychological impacts of it on a person. Confidence, self-esteem, self-image and mental stress may arise due to it.

So, How Can One Gain Weight Healthily And Safely?

As per a dietician’s perspective, those who need to gain weight can gain it for overall good health and body’s functionality. First, in order to gain weight, we need to understand and verify the probable causes in an individual of lesser weight which may have arisen from conditions like:

  • The lengthy period of hospitalization or persistence illness.
  • Naturally, you are below your ideal weight and just want to gain it to feel better.
  • You are one of those sports enthusiasts who want to gain healthy muscle mass and develop strength.
  • Have unintentionally lost weight
  • You are older

Noted below are some valuable weight gain tips that are suggested by expert dieticians:

1. Focus: Quality First, Quantity Last

Feeding the body with nutrient-rich foods hold the key to a healthy weight gain. Consumption of empty calories from items like carbonated beverages and processed foods is not at all recommended and is also not a safe mean of developing body weight. See and follow the below:

  • If you are one of those underweight person, who have issues with appetite, eat small and eat five to six meals a day. Drink some water before and after your meals, but not with the meals.
  • Ensure some concentrated form of calories along with your meals like grated cheese topping on your salad or maybe some peanut butter layer on your brown bread toast etc.
  • Do not opt for ‘low-cal’ or ‘lite’ version of food from the market. Rather go for full- fat or similar versions.
  • To prepare things like porridge or oatmeal use milk instead of water and have it with some nuts, honey, and dry fruits.
  • Enjoy your favorite salads with olives, olive oil, avocados, sunflower seeds and nuts.
  • Visit a dietician and work out an eating plan that will allow you to gain weight is a healthy manner along with enjoying what you eat.

2. Ensure High Proteins Along With Calories In Your Diet

It is about healthy weight gain and a healthy weight gain is adding muscles and not flab. Calories are no doubt important, but you need proteins too. Eggs, fish, lean meats, legumes, pulses, and dairy products are rich sources of healthy proteins that you should add to your regular diet.

Proteins are the building block of muscles> eating high density and quality proteins help in building lean muscles and also tone them up.

You also need fats, you don’t have to ignore them completely. Consumption of fat is not at all bad, but we should know which fat to consume and which not.

3. Have A Number Of Meals

Break your meals in 3 + 3 mode. Three large meals and three small ones. The large three (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) should be the ones that are heavy and calorie dense. A dinner that is heavy is needed. It is so because when we sleep our metabolism is slow, as compared to when we are awake, thereby causing weight gain.

Eating at frequent intervals will keep energy levels high and constantly. And since the meal portions are not big, there won’t be any addition to the fat quotient.

4. Eliminate Stress And Sleep Well

Stress is one factor that can come as a big obstacle in the way to lose or gain weight. Get the best possible means to release your stress like meditation, yoga or even a simple bath or a movie can take you away from difficult mental situations.

The next big step towards successful and healthy weight gain is to get enough sleep. Sleep is in any situation better for a person’s overall health and wellness. The body needs enough rest so that it can function well and for that, you need a minimum of seven to eight hours of sound sleep every night.

5. Do Some Weight Gaining Exercises

Twisting crunches, leg press, leg curls, shoulder shrug, ab roller, pull-ups, side lateral raise, and weight crunches are some of the exercises that help to gain weight and have been designed for the purpose. But, should be done under the precise guidance of the trainer.

Building lean muscles are opposed to fat deposits that helps not only making you stronger but also gives you a healthy weight gain.

Follow a dedicated weight gain diet plan, exercise regularly and get an expert’s advice and for sure you will see visible results. It is said that for successful weight gain the first thing that needs to be changed is – you. If you are mentally and physically prepared, you will succeed.