5 Tips To Properly Wash And Dry A Car

5 Tips To Properly Wash And Dry A Car
5 Tips To Properly Wash And Dry A Car

There’s nothing better than the feeling of driving a perfectly washed and cleaned car. Your drive looks beautiful, sounds beautiful, and drives like a million bucks. Taking proper care of your ride includes washing and drying the car regularly.

The Importance Of Having A Perfectly Washed Car

Ever seen those swirls or circles of scratches on the car’s paint when sunlight falls on it? Not a great sight to behold, are they? Well, those are easily avoidable! Just wash and dry your car in the right fashion, and you’ll never see a single scratch on your car’s exterior again.

Washing and drying your own car even saves you the money of having the same thing done in a car wash. Plus, the satisfaction of cleaning your sweet ride with your own hands is something else, isn’t it?

5 Tips To Help You Have A Great Car Wash

Remembering to dry the car after you wash it is a really important step. Let us see how you can effectively wash and dry the car without breaking a sweat.

1. Immaculate Preparation


Before you set foot on the journey of washing and drying your car, it makes sense to get yourself well-prepared. Park your car in the shade, as sunshine will evaporate all the water and cause premature drying. This can never be good for the car, as it might leave unwanted watermarks.

Make a list of everything that you require to clean the car, and set everything aside. You don’t want to be running around at the last minute looking for a sponge, right? Wear appropriate clothing, as it is sure to get wet and messy.

Have two buckets of water with you, one with soapy water, and one with plain water. Use the second one as a rinsing bucket.

2. Wash The Wheels First


The dirtiest parts of a car are probably the wheels and the rims. They are difficult to clean, because of all the fancy rim designs that cars come with these days. Make sure to start with the wheels, and spend a little more time on them, due to reasons aforementioned.

If you feel that the rims are already squeaky clean, use a sponge to clean them normally, or with a little bit of water.

3. It Is Best To Use Sponges Or Mitts To Wash Your Car


Avoid using brushes to scrub the surface of the car, as the bristles might leave unwanted scratches like the ones we talked about in the introduction. Soak a large mitt in soapy water, and then use it to scrub the car.

Mitts which have long dangling strands are much less likely to leave any scratches on your car since their ends are soft and ideal for scrubbing.

Sponges are a great option too, but large mitts can cover more area easily, and can even be washed in washing machines, unlike sponges.

For removing stuff like bird droppings or stuck, stubborn dirt from the exterior, do not scrape the paint as hard as you can. This will probably scratch the surface, and may even scrub off a bit of the paint.

Use a bug and tar remover wherever necessary, and a damp rag to remove any bird droppings or stuck bugs on the car surface.

4. Clean The Car Section By Section


It makes perfect sense to clean your car one section at a time, even more so to start from the top and work your way down. This helps the soap and water to rinse the lower section of the car when you are in the process of washing higher sections.

After you are done washing one section, make sure to rinse it properly before all the soap and water dries. The last thing you want while washing your car is to have soap marks all over the surface, ruining your hard work.

Follow a similar pattern for rinsing as you did while washing the car using your gas pressure washer.

5. Use Fresh Rags Or Towels To Dry The Car


Use as many towels as you want. Microfiber towels work best to dry the car, as they leave no stone unturned to make sure that each particle of water is removed from the car surface.

If, by any chance, your car has some scratches or paint damage after drying, then treat the damage there and then. Also, remove any rust buildup that you might see.

When using a repellent gas on the windows, selecting the right gas pressure is important. You don’t need to apply too much of this stuff after drying the car, so keep this in mind.

Congratulations, your car is squeaky clean now!

Get yourself well prepared, use mitts and sponges, and dry your car efficiently. That’s all it takes to have a sweet ride that looks as good as new!