5 Ways to Beat the Mind Games when you Quit Smoking

Ever seen a quitter as a winner? No right. But when it comes to smoking, a successful quitter becomes an inspiring winner in life.

Smoking is the joyful escape comfort for most of the smokers. Lighting up a cigarette offers a numbing sensation that is often confused with companionship, entertainment and in some cases distraction. On one occasion one of my dear friends who happens to be a psychology doctor in Karachi, shared that for most smokers, smoking is a sensation of reliving their pain and agony that they become addicted to over time.  

Due to strong association of emotional feelings and belief, there are high chances of manifesting strong belief in your subconscious level. Over time these beliefs become distorted perceptions and eventually blur the truth. This is why quitting smoking is more of a mind battle where reprogramming your mind is going to be a quitter’s biggest truce.

Smoking is much more than lighting up a rolled piece of paper. It’s the nicotine addiction that is underpaid. To get ahead of this addiction, you need to recognize your mindset first.

Recognize your pattern

What triggers your ‘need’ to smoke? Smoking has a lot to do with your emotions. When you dig deep enough to veil out what is truly bothering you that you need to calm down, it becomes easier to deal with the urge to smoke. If a certain uncomfortable sensation arises within you that you have been previously seeking an escape from, you need to face it.

 As comfortable as you may feel, you need to take a deep breath and write down your unresolved emotions. This is a great way to channel your inner wounds towards healthy healing. According to a survey conducted in Pakistan Autism Centre Analyzing your feelings will not only help you quit your habit but also help you with being more mindful regarding your daily life.

Get in the habit to say ‘No’ to yourself

Say a no every time you feel ‘you could have one’ or ‘I need one to get my head straight’, or ‘this is my last time then I wouldn’t smoke again’. Every time your mind plays a trick on you, you have to undertake your temptation and work through it. You have to put yourself in the mindset of never allowing yourself even one of the excuses. While I agree being mindful is quite hard, you also have to consciously discipline yourself into thinking what is best for you in the long run. 

Stop the visualization

Often when we try to quit something, our brain would trick us into visualizing the relief that smoking tricked us into. It is easy and perfectly humane to slip into visualizations. To help with visualizations, replace such imaginations with something more comforting. For example, if someone has a technical mind, this person can imagine building something that inspires them. You can imagine yourself experiencing a natural realm. Doing this overtime will drastically erase the smoking visualizations. Over time you will have more control over what you allow your brain to think. This is a great trick for achieving good mindfulness.

Stay away from ANY KIND OF SMOKE!

This is really important on your road to nicotine recovery. There are many people who think that now they have thought of quitting smoking they will successfully get rid of it for life. But little do you know even a slight scent of smoke can trigger you to want to smoke again. So in place of testing water, it is best to stay away from what has the potential to put you back on the track. Next time you hang with your smokers friends, request them to not smoke while you are with them. 

Stay away from nicotine chewing gums

Going for an alternative may seem like a safe option, but believe me when I say this, it is NOT a good choice. Recently there has been a hype in the market for nicotine bites to help chain smokers with their nicotine addiction. But here is the tweak, not only is it quite harmful, most of the smokers were back on their smoking track after a few failed attempts. Instead of seeking such shortcuts, look out for healthier alternatives. Every time you feel like smoking, chew on a few cardamom for a refreshing taste.

All in all, breaking the smoke cycle can be a real struggle, but is definitely not impossible. Put your all might if you must but remember it all starts with a strength of mind and will!

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