6 Best ways to finance your expenses with an instant personal loan

With the help of instant personal loans, you can address several immediate fund requirements giving no collateral or security.  The eligibility criterion to avail a personal loan is easy and with minimum documentation, you can receive funds directly into your account. A person having a CIBIL score of above 750, a good repayment history, and a steady employment record can avail a personal loan from an online lender. The best part of the personal loan is that there is no restriction on the end-use of the amount as it is given to address your personal needs. But before you apply for a personal loan, you must know about several expenses that you can do with a personal loan.

So, look at the ways you can finance your major expenses with personal loans.

Debt consolidation

Many people these days opt for a personal loan to settle their existing debt via personal loans. Suppose you have a decent amount of outstanding balance on your credit card and you are finding it hard to paying it because the interest on the credit card are on the higher side. Thus, by taking a personal loan, you can settle all your existing debt into a personal loan and pay it later in easy installments. These days, many lenders are providing personal loans for debt consolidation. For example, you can apply for Tata Capital personal loan online and get a personal loan to settle your existing debt as the Tata Capital personal loan interest rate starts from 10.99%.

Medical emergencies

We all have experienced it and want to avoid it. When a sudden emergency arises, you quickly look for the option to handle it. And when a medical emergency comes to haunt, you always look for funds because it’s a matter of health and you don’t want to compromise on that. So, in case a medical emergency arises, you can take a personal loan and address the need. The best part of the personal loan is that you need not wait for it as some lenders are providing instant personal loans. For instance, if a medical emergency arises you can check Tata Capital personal loan interest rate online and get instant funds up to Rs 25 lakh in your account.

Family vacation

Remember the last time when you were enjoying with your family. When we remember those moments, we want to relive that again but it seems hard as many times the busy schedule or budget comes in the way. Well, we can manage time, but it’s hard to find an alternative to the budget. Thankfully, personal loans solve these problems easily, and even without worrying about the budget, we can enjoy holiday vacations with our friends and family. Assume you apply for Tata Capital personal loan, then you will have to pay up to 2.5% as processing fee.

Home renovation

Normally, home renovation needs a decent amount and people postpone it because of a lack of budget. But delaying the required home improvement can lower the value of your asset and it is also a riskier thing. However, the need for amount may vary from the improvements you want to see in your home. As it needs a good amount to carry on with home renovation, you can rely on personal loans. By taking a personal loan for home improvement, you can shift the burden of paying the amount in equal monthly installments. As home renovation require massive funds, thus you can plan the repayment accordingly. Suppose you apply for Tata Capital personal loan, then you can select a tenure up to 6 years

Business expansion

Since personal loan are a good medium to an urgent requirement for a salaried even after a businessman or a self-employed person can take the advantage of a personal loan to expand the business. Every entrepreneur wants to push his boundaries, and he needs new machinery, seasoned employees, working capital, etc. To do all this, he needs a loan or some kind of investment. If a business is a new and unable to attract any kind of investment or business loan, he can take a personal loan. For instance, irrespective of your requirement if big or small, you can fund it with Tata Capital personal loan as the principal amount ranges between Rs 75,000 and Rs 25,00,000. The best part about the personal loan that there is no need of collateral.

Dream wedding

Do you remember how you admire grand weddings? Actually, we all never forget them for a long period, but not everyone is as rich to bear the expense of grand wedding halls, expensive honey-moon locations, prominent caterers, etc. But today if you want to make your wedding grand and memorable, then you need not rely on your savings. You can take a personal loan for weeding and plan the repayment according to your convenience. You can plan a dream wedding by taking Tata Capital personal loan online.


Apart from the above list, personal loans can be used for several activities except for illegal activities. The eligibility criteria to avail the loan are simple and easy. A person having a strong CIBIL score, good repayment history, and employment record can apply for a personal loan. Nowadays, many lenders are providing online solutions to customers who need an instant personal loan.