7 things you should ask your doctor before going for a health checkup

7 things you should ask your doctor before going for a health checkup

7 things you should ask your doctor before going for a health checkup

The importance of medical check-ups on a regular basis

At times certain diseases do not echo their arrival before time. For instance, heart diseases worm into a person’s life as stealthily as possible by showing no signs and symptoms to alert the person. Thus regular doctor visits play a guiding role in such situations, by helping you to understand all the happenings in your internal and external system. In this way, even the slightest whiff of any oncoming ailment can be eliminated with the necessary precaution steps and further solutions for tackling it.

But not all of us are a master of words. At times, we do feel tongue-tied or blank, as to what is to be asked and how should it be put into the appropriate words. With thousands of questions boggling our minds, we are unable to identify the starting point. But at the same time we do understand the importance of opening our heart and mind to the doctor, be it related to our hereditary history or related to our way of living, in order to be guided in the right healthy path of life. Hence, following are a few question tips that can be considered while framing our questions to be placed in front of the doctor before going for a health checkup.

If we need to know about our blood cholesterol status:-

What does my blood cholesterol numbers which are recorded indicate?
Give me a basic understanding of blood cholesterol.
What is it that I should aim in terms of my blood cholesterol?
When should I go in for blood cholesterol tests?
How I should I reduce and keep my blood cholesterol levels under control?
If it’s regarding medicines:-

Will medicines help in keeping my blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels under control?
What are the needed medicines and how do they help?
Till when should I continue with these medicines?
Are there any side effects?
Can I have some more information about this medicine?
When should the medicines be taken?
If it’s to do with blood pressure:-

When should I go in for blood pressure checkups?
What should be my ideal blood pressure count?
How should I keep it under control?
If it’s related to our way of living:-

What should be my ideal diet?
How do I quit smoking?
What exercises should I do and for how long?
What changes should I adopt in my way of living to control my cholesterol and blood pressure levels?
How do I achieve an appropriate body weight?
For tests:-

What are its advantages and disadvantages?
Is it hurtful?
Why is it needed?
When will I know the outcome?
What’s the procedure?
Do I need hospitalization?
For Family History:-

Are there any chances of any hereditary factors of my family history inclining towards heart diseases?
If it’s referrals:-

Do you suggest a second opinion with a professional expert in the fields of physical activity, cardiology and diet?

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