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8 Tips To Give Your House a Spring Inspired Look

As spring has arrived, it’s time to redecorate your house. Using spring as the central theme of home decor, you can give your house a new and innovative look. Wonder how? Here are few handy tips that will help you achieve a spring inspired look for your home.

Choose bright colours for the home colour. Start by colouring the external walls of your home first. With spring known for its bright and beautiful colours, it’s time that your bring this vibrancy in your home also. Choose colours like yellow or orange that highlights your home. Remember to test the different colours on a small area of the wall first. This will help you to choose the best colour on your home’s external walls.
Try to match the house’s external wall colour with the interior colour. Here too, choose bright colours keeping in mind the spring mood. In case of any confusion, browse the internet for wall colour ideas. Many home decor websites are there to help you through this process.
Consider changing the roofing of your house. Look at the different roof options. Consider cedar shingles for your house. If you wonder why? Well, it is aesthetically appealing and strong enough to withstand all extreme weather conditions. Thus, you do not have to keep changing your roof in every season. Be it heavy winds or heavy snow in the winter, cedar shingles will protect your home. Thus, this roof change in the spring will give you benefits throughout the year.
Choose floral prints in your upholstery as well. Remember they are one of the most important elements in your home decor. Coordinate the upholstery with the wall colour. This will give your room a unified look.
Keep the spring theme in the home decor items as well. Choose window treatments that relate or matches the spring theme of your house. Choose vases of floral prints. If you are an art lover, hang paintings reminiscent of the spring season.
Bring fresh flowers in every room. Remember this is the most important spring home decor you need to do. Other than fresh flowers, add houseplants also. Nature is the best way to infuse the spring element in your home. With houseplants and flowers, you can add colour and positivity in your house. You can feel a new sense of warmth in your house. Tip: to extend the freshness of the flowers, cut the flower stems at a 45-degree angle. You can also use preservatives in the water.
Use more of natural textures in your house. If possible, use jute rugs that are apt in bringing the natural element in your home. Wicker furniture is also a nice option to consider.
Allow sunlight to come in your house. Replace the heavy curtains with light flowing curtains.
Tip: Use white curtains in spring. They will freely flow with the spring breeze and let sunlight come in your rooms. Remember sunlight will bring in freshness and positivity in your house.