A 2019 Guide For Modern Fitted Wardrobes – By Metro Wardrobes

A 2019 Guide For Modern Fitted Wardrobes
A 2019 Guide For Modern Fitted Wardrobes
A 2019 Guide For Modern Fitted Wardrobes
A 2019 Guide For Modern Fitted Wardrobes

There’s more to purchasing the perfect wardrobe than just wandering into your nearest furniture shop and picking one that pleases you, or one that is within your budget. Nay! A wardrobe is a sizeable long-term investment that you’ll live with for years to come. It also adds personality and depth to your room, which is more reason why you should strive to get it right.

Nowadays, modern fitted wardrobes have emerged as a popular option for most home owners and interior designers. Basically, fitted wardrobes are highly customizable and very ideal where there’s limited space.  You’ll come across some people and dealers who refer to modern fitted wardrobes as bespoke fitted wardrobes; it’s one and the same thing. Usually, a fitted wardrobe will stretch from floor to ceiling, utilizing every space in its way. Even where the wall has curves and angles, a fitted wardrobe will fit in very well.

Here at Metro Wardrobes, we pride ourselves of manufacturing high quality, customizable fitted furniture, wardrobes included. Below, we have compiled a detailed guide on everything you need to know about modern fitted wardrobes in 2019. There are numerous furniture dealers out there who’ll claim to have bespoke fitted modern furniture; but a closer look reveals otherwise, what they have is neither customizable nor as durable as you had expected.

Why A Modern Fitted Wardrobe?

Modern fitted wardrobes are unique and popular for three main reasons; space, appearance, flexibility.  Supposing your room has an alcove area or any other awkward space like a sloping ceiling; in such an instance, your options would be extremely limited.

Only a fitted wardrobe would make the most out of such spaces. As for the appearance, the fitted wardrobe is highly customizable, can be customized to suit your individual tastes and preferences. This could be in picking a color that blends in with the rest of the room, picking a modern or contemporary finish, use of sliding doors rather than hinged ones, and so on. With a modern fitted wardrobe, you can easily have your imaginations actualized into the exact design that you’re looking to achieve.

The flexibility of modern fitted wardrobes is admirable, no space constrains or limitations of any sort. Very rarely will you find a standard wardrobe that perfectly matches with your bedroom. It’s easier tailoring a fitted wardrobe that blends in with your bedroom or any other room, rather than the other way around of converting the room to compliment the wardrobe.

Where To Use Modern Fitted Wardrobes

Most people think that all fitted wardrobes are for use in bedrooms alone. But the truth of the matter is that there are numerous designs and styles used in making fitted wardrobes depending on the nature of the task they’re intended for. For instance, fitted wardrobes for kitchen use, as TV units, in Living Rooms, are all examples of perfect places where a fitted wardrobe will come in handy.  As long as you’re dealing with a professional and reputable furniture manufacturer, you can design a nice fitted wardrobe for every need in any room within your space. Such wardrobes have a warranty of up to 10 years, which is testimony of just how durable these pieces are meant to serve you.

The kitchen is one of the most important places in our homes and when it comes to storage space, planning and flawless execution matter most. The more neatly designed storage space, the easier your life will be around the kitchen. There are days you’ll need to prepare a multi course dinner or fix quick breakfast; a bespoke kitchen wardrobe will be a great choice to have. You can decide to opt for a traditional layout, or a contemporary one with the perfect finish, again based on your individual preferences.

Some of the most popular finishes in 2018 include Supermatt, high gloss, acrylic gloss, exotic wood grains, and such like. Here at Metro Wardrobes, our very professional team of interior designers and decorators are always on standby to offer you free advice and tips when looking for the perfect fitted furniture. This is especially important when you’re looking to customize your furniture with the overall interior style and design of your home; think of things like the cabinets, drawers, shelves, LED lights, and so on.

The same applies when it comes to a fitted bedroom wardrobe; customization and functionality should inform your every choice and preference. A modern, luxurious wardrobe fitted perfectly in your bedroom looks absolutely fabulous. The unit’s integration with the space in your home is as important as the storage space that’ll be available. As the customer, you have the final say on the kind of hanging rails, interior drawers, adjustable shelves, and storage racks that you want.

Nowadays, manufacturers are even customizing the fitted wardrobe’s jewellery compartments and other features to suit your individual preferences. While hinged doors have their own advantages, it is the sliding ones that enable you to make maximum use of every inch of space available. Hinged wardrobe doors mean that you have to create ample space for the doors to open fully; sliding doors on the other hand take up no space as they simply slide to the right or left.

Sliding doors can be made of high quality, reflective glass or a nice wooden finish. Hanging rails made of aluminum are also a common trend in most modern fitted wardrobes. Elegance and luxury go hand in hand when it comes to designing the perfect bedroom wardrobe.

Things To Look Out For In The Perfect Modern Fitted Wardrobe

  1. The Size; in most cases, fitted wardrobes are best installed from wall to wall, thus ensuring that every angle or corner is well utilized. The size of your space, as well as the size of the storage space you wish to create will greatly determine the kind of wardrobe you end up with. We always advice our customers to ensure that before they pop into any furniture store, they take a moment to measure the distance from wall to wall, and floor to ceiling. Are there other furniture pieces in the room that will need to be put into consideration? When you have all these measurements and facts right at your fingertips, it’ll be easy having the wardrobe customized to your very last request.
  1. The Handles; a wardrobe’s handles are more than just tools to help us open and close the door. Rather, they also serve to enhance the aesthetics and thus compliment the larger interior design of the room. A wardrobe’s aesthetics can be easily ruined by using the wrong handles. There’s no other part that can be used to communicate elegance, luxuriousness, and a sense of style than a wardrobe’s handles and knobs. If your fitted wardrobe has a contemporary feel or design, using traditional style knobs and handles won’t be so impressive to look at. Thus, be sure to consider this factor when ordering your modern fitted wardrobe. Like we aforementioned, our professional decorators here at Metro Wardrobes are always available to educate you on some of these rules-of-the-thumb, even as you purchase your first wardrobe. And that’s not all, you can also go ahead and customize the handles and knobs in your kid’s bedroom; children tend to love fancy and fun designs that are both aesthetically appealing and easy to pull in and out. Wooden handles, either carved with a traditional design are very suitable if you’re looking for a contemporary feel and appearance. Alternatively, you could opt for handles made of metals and alloys; these often include chrome, brass, steel, aluminum, gold, silver, and nickel, to mention but a few. Modern designers and manufacturers are going further by customizing the wardrobe’s handle to imitate anything; from flowers to birds, to other unique shapes requested by users, the handles shape and design are highly customizable. Ensure that the bolts, nuts and screws used to fasten the handles are of high quality; you do this by only purchasing original and genuine furniture units, from a reputable dealer. Mind you, loose handles with the nuts falling off at the slightest movement; these are usually the first symptoms of a cheap product, chances are that even the wood used is completely useless in terms of durability.
  1. The doors; doors are to your fitted wardrobe what the human face is to your overall appearance. Doors communicate your sense of style and fashion, budget; they also determine how safe and easy it’ll be to access your items. Yet, while the choice of doors used is greatly determined by your personal tastes and preferences, the room’s space also matters a lot. This is why we started by mentioning that sliding doors are more recommendable where there’s a limitation of space. The two most common types of hinged doors are ‘in-frame’ where the hinges are more hidden or ‘lay-on’, where little effort is made to conceal the butt hinges. Hinged doors are especially cool and unique if space isn’t an issue; you can get the wardrobe customized into 2 doors, or even 4 doors; the latter is especially recommendable for couples or families with large bundles of clothes that need to be neatly stored, and easily accessible when needed. Glass sliding doors are a popular trend nowadays; the glass also doubles up as a dressing mirror.
  1. The storage components; a fitted wardrobe is more than just the exterior’s appearance from a distance. The storage components of the interior are equally important. These will include things like the rails, drawers, racks, shelves (fixed or rotating), and so on. Internal storage components are very flexible when it comes to customizing; the manufacturer will fit in everything exactly how you need it. You’re a fashion fanatic with dozens of shoes that you wish to arrange neatly? A customized shoe rack will come in handy for such. Basically, it all goes down to the amount of space available, your budget, and your personal tastes. High quality drawers with key and lock can be inserted to lock in your jewelry and other precious items you may have. Take time to explain to your furniture dealer the features and needs you’d wish to have incorporated in the wardrobe’s interior space; Metro Wardrobes are able to conceptualize and design any special features you’d wish for in your modern fitted wardrobes. The features you wish for as an adult may be different from the needs of younger children; the latter’s wardrobe should be designed in a user-friendly way, the rails and racks should not be so high for the little ones to reach.
  1. The style and finish; it’s worth noting that modern fitted wardrobes are available in different styles and finishes.  These vary from contemporary to traditional looking designs, or the more luxurious looking, modern fitted wardrobes. You may decide to go for the natural, raw kind of wood finish, or have it painted to your desired color.  Tinted mirrors are another awesome trend in 2018, whereby the mirror panels are fitted in the form of sliding doors; contemporary furniture lovers will find this design very likeable. Tinted mirrors are reflective, they tend to make even small, squeezed rooms appear much larger and spacious. Mirrors are very nice for children’s bedrooms; constantly seeing themselves on the mirror boosts their self confidence and awareness.
  1. Your budget; your wardrobe is the second most important piece of furniture in your bedroom, after the bed. However, this is not to say that you have to empty your bank account just to afford the right one. At the end of the day, what most home owners want is a durable, stylish wardrobe that meets your storage needs.  Usually, one can either go for a pre-assembled wardrobe or one that’s not. Again, this is why emphasized on dealing with a professional furniture designer and manufacturer; only such is able to customize and incorporate your personal preferences and features into the unit. Pre-assembled wardrobes can be slightly costlier than those requiring you to self assemble. Cheap can be expensive and likewise, expensive doesn’t always mean superior quality. Thus, try and balance a fitted wardrobe that combines durability, stylishness, functionality, and pocket friendliness. Here at Metro Wardrobes, we always strive to keep the costs down by ensuring that our London factory and showroom are both one and the same; you can thus make your order and we’ll commence working on it right away, there and then. Besides, we offer you flexible payment modes where you can pay in installments. For more details on our pricing and payment methods, please feel free to speak to us on 02034883347.

Why Metro Wardrobes, Who Are We?

Metro Wardrobes is a reputable, leading manufacturer of high quality and luxurious furniture units, at affordable costs. We combine flawless craftsmanship with style to offer you highly customized fitted furniture pieces like fitted wardrobes. We pride ourselves of having partnered with only the best, most reputable brands in the market to ensure that we provide you with nothing but original, genuine products. These include Hafele, Egger, Hetich, XyloCleaf, Kronospan, and other leading brands. Unlike other dealers, we offer what’s known as a free ‘no obligation’ designer visit whereby we send our designers to your home for free advice and consultation. Depending on the space available, your budget, and individual preferences, these designers are able to suggest the best wardrobe to go for, the kind of finish that will blend in seamlessly with the rest of the room, and such like; all at no cost. We’re located in London and serve all of England, you’re most welcome to drop by our showroom and checkout the fabulous modern fitted wardrobes that we have.

  • We pride ourselves of having over 50 years experience designing and manufacturing high quality fitted furniture. We have evolved with the times to incorporate new trends and designs, without really neglecting the traditional, timeless styles and designs. Our designers can come up with any kind of design and style within a maximum of 14 days, sometimes even less. Quality craftsmanship, high quality products, 100% customer satisfaction; that’s Metro Wardrobes for you. The fact that some of our modern fitted wardrobes have warranties of up to 10 years tells you just how much trust we have in our products.
  • The fact that we double up as both manufacturers and suppliers means that our prices are much cheaper. No middlemen in between to act as the suppliers; you simply make your order and we’ll quickly design and deliver it without inflating the cost whatsoever. You’ll be pleased to know that our prices are up to 50% cheaper than what they go for in high streets. By shopping at Metro Wardrobes, you’re always assured of the best pricing possible, with unrivalled warranty for all furniture pieces. We’re more than a furniture dealer; we’re your partner in your journey to fit your home with the latest fitted furniture.
  • Like aforementioned, we deal with the leading brands like Hettich, Hafele, Egger, and many more in ensuring that we provide nothing but high-quality furniture. Working with the world-famous leading furniture brands has accorded us sufficient exposure and experience; feel free to contact us with any particular brand or design that you’re looking for and we’ll advice you accordingly. We design and manufacture all our fitted wardrobes right here in our London factory. This means less cost of production, and the ability to handle your orders within a relatively short time.
  • Our fully bespoke modern fitted wardrobes are made to measure, designed and made to suit your individual tastes and preferences. We do our best to incorporate any features you may suggest, so that you end up with a unit that’s as functional as it is aesthetically appealing. Regardless of the amount of space available, we can always build a perfect fitted wardrobe that will make the most out of the space. We’ll let you decide the wood species, designs, and style you’d want for your furniture; ours is just to turn your wishes into a final, usable product! We’re also well conversant with the modern lighting trends not just for the bedroom, but also for wardrobes and drawers. LED lighting can also be customized to blend in with the overall lighting and theme of the room.

Quick Tips

  • The internet is full of cons and scammers, some pausing as genuine furniture dealers and makers. Some will even offer you modern fitted wardrobes at ridiculously cheap prices; you’ll only realize when it’s too late that you’ve been scammed. Thus, here at Metro Wardrobes, we have a policy of transparency and confidence building measures for all new clients. Much as we welcome you to view our furniture online, even make an order online, we always welcome you to visit our London Showroom where you get to meet our designers, see the furniture firsthand. Alternatively, we can send our designers over to you where they’ll conduct a free, no obligation kind of survey, before recommending the best type of fitted wardrobe to go for.
  • Avoid the temptation and trap of sending money in advance, for items you’ve not yet seen. If a dealer is asking you to send a deposit online and you’ve not met them or visited their showroom; that should be a red alert. You could either end up with a low-quality unit made of cheap wood, or end up being scammed and nothing delivered at all.

In order to organize a visit to our showroom, or a consultative meeting at your premises, feel free to drop us an email on [email protected] or call us on 0203 488 3347.

Our customer care representatives are always on standby 24/7 and we gladly respond to all emails promptly. All the photos you see on the galleries of our modern fitted wardrobes are real and recent; we are able to design and manufacture similar units, even more.

Take advantage of our awesome discounts and offers between this time and Christmas, shop with Metro Wardrobes and be assured of saving up to 50%.

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