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    Spiders are one of the most feared, and most common, household pests. Worse than the actual spiders, however, is what their presence means: other insects are living inside your home. In order to live, spiders feast on other bugs. Even one spider sighting in your home is a red flag that there are other bugs hiding out somewhere in your residence.

    There are several methods to reduce the prevalence of spiders indoors, whether you try to do it yourself or hire a San Diego pest control company. Here are a few suggestions:

    Reduce insect supply. Spiders survive and thrive by eating other insects. Some spin webs while others hunt insects actively. If you reduce the number of insects in your home, you will directly reduce the number of spiders. By setting traps for insects and sealing off crevices securely in your home, you will lower the instances of all bugs, including spiders. A pest control company can also give you some advice on what methods work best for what types of bugs.

    Set traps. Not every insect trap will work in eliminating spiders. Many insects, like ants, groom their bodies with their mouths consistently while spiders do not. A poison that gets on the legs of a spider may never be ingested by the arachnid. There are sticky traps that may work better but do not cover as much of an area and could prove ineffective. An advantage of sticky, glue-type spider traps is that they may give you an idea of where the infestation is located, based on where spiders and other insects are becoming stuck and dying.

    Hire a professional. You can try to get rid of other insects and set traps on your own, but the best spider control San Diego has to offer will come from an expert. Remember that these professionals have made a career out of ridding homes of unwanted pests, like spiders, and have the experience to eliminate your problem quickly. The great thing about pest control companies is that they have more than one method at their disposal. If you are wary of chemical approaches, a professional can come up with pesticide-free options or even organic methods. An expert can also point out ways that you can improve your home to prevent infestation in the future.

    Despite the lore surrounding spiders, there is really not much to fear. They do not live socially, like bees or ants, so seeing one does not automatically mean there are hundreds in your home. Remember that they are predators and in your house because there are other insects available to eat. Address your spider problem by getting to the heart of the issue—all of the unwanted insects living in your home.

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