Adoption and Surrogacy: Which One You Should Choose!

Adoption and Surrogacy Which One You Should Choose

Adoption and Surrogacy Which One You Should Choose

There are many parents who are willing to have a child but they are not able to do it by natural processes. They can use other modes to add a member of their family and live a happy and pleasant life. Adoption and surrogacy are such modes which help in doing so. Adoption and surrogacy are outstanding aspects that help needy parents to complete their families. Both the terms work for the same purpose but have many differences too.


Adoption is a process in which parents are responsible for parenting those children who don’t belong to them biologically. Parents just assume the child as their own but they are not a legal parent; however, the transfer of the child to the parents makes everything legal. The responsibility and rights are given to the willing parents permanently. The full process is done under adoption law or adoption lawyers Perth. This is a kind of guardianship and its main aim is to change the children’s social, economic and religious status for all his life. The religious changes have caused anger in some part of the society which does not support the adoption process but apart from that rest part of society is satisfied with this process. They think that by adopting a child, a parent recovers the sad clouds of not having a child and the child gets the chance to reform his life in many ways. The child gets proper guidance and resources to serve his life in a more suitable way. Tarzan became the prince of Rome as the king had adopted him.  The basic thing in adopting is, it should be done legally. The adopted child is not legal till the law certification. It can occur either between related family members or unrelated individuals. The main cause of adoption is infertility. There are different forms of the adoptions process such as domestic adoption, foster care adoption, international adoption, embryo adoption, and common law adoption. Adoption is defined as forming a family. The general research shows that more than half of the mothers who released their children for adopting are unsatisfied. The beliefs and laws regarding adoption vary. Most of the parents want a similar attitude in the child they are adopting, that’s why adoption is not the concept for every culture. Now a day adoption has become a part of human rights. In many countries “homecoming day” is celebrated annually in which the adoptee unites with adoptive family to enjoy this offensive day.


An arrangement in which a woman agrees to become pregnant and gives birth to a child for another person is called surrogacy. It is an agreement between women and a person who is willing to have a newborn baby and ultimately responsible for its parenting. It is done under a legal process. When a parent is in seek of having a child but it is not possible due to some medical reasons such woman’s health or an acceptable danger in pregnancy, in that case, surrogacy is arranged. In commercial surrogacy, the exchange of money for arrangement is involved but in the altruistic arrangement, no monetary compensation is received. The cost of compensation varies according to the need of arrangement. Sometimes cost rises high due to the international arrangement. In many countries surrogacy is banned or it is necessary to take judicial permit for it. Family law lawyer helps in it.  Different processes are involved in surrogacy fertilization, but the two basic processes are gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. In gestational surrogacy, the male parenting sperm and the female’s egg are used for creating an embryo. In this way, the newborn individual is directly related to both the donors. The artificially designed embryo is put to the female’s ovary for fertilization. Family Lawyers Perth WA easily handles all proceedings and tries to win the case in favor of parents for surrogacy process.

On the other hand, traditional surrogacy is genetic as well as natural process, despite that it involves some artificial inseminations also. It can be done by a particular party or by the involvement of doctors. Instead of using male parenting sperm donor’s sperm is used. Forgetting donor one should need to follow the adaptation process as well as judicial permits. Law is very strict about knowing that no one should be forced for being surrogate or legal mechanism must be used. In countries like Australia commercial surrogacy is a criminal offense. But with the help of suggestions of a good family lawyer near meit is possible to take permission from the court in the favor of parents.

Both the thing carries basic advantages with them. It helps the couple to have a child who is not capable or infertile. Sometimes single people are also interested in adoptions and surrogacy. It also reforms the life of an adopted child as well as it gives an opportunity to serve mankind. It gives peace of mind as well as happy living to those who suffer from sad clouds of not having their own child.

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