Applications for Learning: Top iPad Applications for University Students

If your parents are unconvinced that you do need and deserve to have an iPad on your going-away or graduation gift for college, then you need to prove to them just how incredible the iPad is in playing the role of a perfect study companion – especially when you have the following list of applications installed as well.

Things for iPad

This is the most expensive application in the list, but it’s also one of the most essential. The iPhone version of this application was the first to come out and had been quite the hit for iPhone users. With this version, you get all the same exciting and extremely efficient features – but in a bigger, better, and bolder way that’s befitting for an iPad app.

In a nutshell, Things for iPadwill make sure that you do not miss anything you deem important, regardless as to whether it’s a quiz, frat meeting, or a date with the gorgeous student next door. Time management isn’t something college students are known for, but this can help you prove otherwise.

Instapaper Pro

Unless you’ve got your own 24/7 Internet subscription, then logging on to the Internet to do some quick research or reviews off-campus won’t be the easiest thing to do. Or at least it’s not until you have Instapaper Pro installed in your iPad. With this application, you can simply download and store in your iPad online text such as website pages, articles, and journals for future reading.


Just a few weeks in college are more than enough for you to realize that Wikipedia or even the Internet, in general, doesn’t always have the answers for tomorrow’s assignment or essay report. Thankfully, researching for the right materials is a lot easier when you have Chegginstalled in your iPad. This application is capable of scanning bar codes of textbooks and uses it to provide you with a list of price comparisons for stores carrying used and brand new copies of the textbooks you’re looking for. You can also rent them instead if you’ve already spent most of your pay or allowance.

Wi-Fi Finder

The Internet nowadays isn’t just used for research purposes only. Most times, schools also use the Internet to make important announcements about classes and schedules, professors use it to distribute reading materials, provide details for your next assignment, or even to set up an online quiz. If you leave the campus a lot, the Wi-Fi finder can ensure you’ll be able to stay connected to your university’s network and be the first to know about anything that directly or indirectly affects your studies.

Wi-Fi Finder can currently detect around 545,000 paid and free Wi-Fi hot spots in over 140 countries.


Save yourself time, money, and help conserve the environment as well by foregoing the use of paper-basedflashcards for virtual ones. Flashcards+ is a free application that enables you to use one of the most commonly used, best-known, and effective tools for studying any subject.

Student Pad

Rounding up the list is Student Pad, an application that can be your all-around study companion. Aside from allowing you to read PDFs and make annotations as well as additional notes, this app also comes with a built-in calculator capable of performing even the more complex types of computations.

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