Best Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Resources from the Web

Marble, quartz, and granite countertops have long been the markers of stylish homes, and the most stylish of all have long come from York Fabrica over the years. If you are considering having a kitchen renovation, custom kitchen installation, or bathroom renovation that includes countertops of marble, quartz, or granite, then it’s worth exploring the options at York Fabrica.

Stone Countertop Ideas

But before you bring in the countertop experts, it’s always worth checking out the greatest design resource available, which is the internet. It’s the best place to start for gathering ideas if you’re not sure of what kind of countertops you should get, and a good place to narrow down your ideas to tangible specifics if you are already fairly aware of what you want your kitchen or bathroom renovation to look like. With that in mind, we would like to present you with the best design resources we have found online.

Kitchen Planner Online (

This handy tool allows you to automatically calculate where you will be best off placing appliances and countertops based on how big all the elements are, and how big the space you are working with is.

Bathroom Planning from Kohler (

Kohler, the fixture masters, have put together an extensive list of drawings that show functional and beautiful layouts for your bathroom renovation. Visit the above link to get started.

Feng Shui Your Home (

This list of FAQs about how to apply the ancient stress-relieving art of feng shui can be applied to all areas of your home, including the bathroom and the kitchen. If you are thinking of replacing your current bathroom or kitchen with a custom design, refer to this guide to get the most out of it. You can also try searching to see the potentially healing properties of elements such as quartz countertops for your bathroom and kitchen!

Better Homes and Gardens Site (

Better Homes and Gardens has always been there to help with home projects ranging from garage organization to custom kitchen and bathroom renovation ideas. On their site, you will find a variety of material plans and color schemes to complement your own ideas on bathroom and kitchen renovation.

These are just some of the resources on the web. Make sure you visit the above, and remember: there is no limit to the creativity that can inspire your own renovations! Happy planning!

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