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    Busting Myths: 7 Most Common Dental Implants Myths You Should Stop Believing!

    Busting Myths: 7 Most Common Dental Implants Myths You Should Stop Believing!
    Busting Myths: 7 Most Common Dental Implants Myths You Should Stop Believing!

    So, you are suffering from tooth decay, and the only way out to treat the damaged teeth is Root canal and dentures?

    Root canal or bridges or even dentures can do great harms not only to the damages tooth but also to the adjacent teeth.


    These procedures require the adjacent teeth to trim or cut down so as to treat the damaged one. Nevertheless, to overcome these issues and to treat only the damaged teeth, dental implants come handy.

    What Are Dental Implants?

    It’s a metal post or a screw that is positioned into the jawbone underneath the gums through surgery. Once positioned, it lets dentist place a mount replacement like a cap onto them so as to cover it.

    While it’s one of the most effective and useful procedure, it still holds many myth and misconceptions. If you are one of those who are still perplexed about having a dental implant, these 7 myths and facts are for you:

    Myth1: Dental Implants Are Painful

    Fact: Technically a dental implant is surgery, so there might be discomforts, but it’s not as painful as said. However, the extent of pain depends on the professional you are choosing. Implants are done after giving local anesthesia which offers no pain to the patient.  Also, an expert oral surgeon will do less complicated procedures to perform comfortable implantation to the patients.

    Myth2: You Will Feel Problem In Eating And Doing Day-To-Day Chores

    Fact: This myth is completely false, as dental implants make no harm to eating and chewing. In fact, you will be able to chew and bite with confidence and with comfort. Since there will be no gaps between the teeth, you will be able to eat, talk and chew with ease.

    Myth 3: Your Implants Will Be Visible

    Fact:  People mostly have misconceptions that anything in their mouth will be visible to other people as well. However, the fact is dental implants look completely natural and the screw will be under the gums. Therefore, they will be hidden in the mouth, and people will not be able to see them.

    Myth 4: Healing Time Of Dental Surgery Is Quite Long

    Fact:  Unlike any other surgery, you don’t have to be stick to the bed for long; however, the healing process of dental implants is of few weeks. Also, sometimes, it varies from patient to patient and other times it is important to get the implant to bond to the respective bone. Further, some patients are also opting for the same day implants called as immediate loading implant, which require no healing time!

    Myth 5: It Is A Very Risky Process

    Fact: Dental implants have been around from over 50 years, with a success rate of 95% to 98% (if cared). Therefore the risk and complications will be least. Further, it varies from dentist to dentist and your tooth health.

    Myth 6: You Need Take Special Care And Maintenance

    Fact: This is completely baseless; dental implants do not require any external care! You should only do what you do with your natural teeth. Brush, floss and have regular trips for dental check-ups!

    Myth 7: Dental Implants Are Costly

    Fact: Although the initial cost of implants is high than other treatments like bridges and dentures, its results are much great than other ones. It’s more like a permanent solution to your dental problems. While bridges last for 6-7 years, implants are forever.

    Myths can put you in paradox, so get proper knowledge and then believe! If possible, seek advice from a professional or dental expert!

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