Challenges In Medical Marijuana Packaging

Challenges In Medical Marijuana Packaging
Challenges In Medical Marijuana Packaging

In an emerging Marijuana industry, medical marijuana producers are coming to the new terrain in packaging and marketing of their products.

But, with the new heights in this market come the strict legal requirements and the regional laws of various areas.

Medical marijuana is still a quite divisive issue among many communities, but as its efficacy has been proved, the market has depicted an undeniable growth in this subject. Legal in twenty-five states globally, the medical marijuana industry has been capturing many start-ups along with the established packaging industries.

Here are the challenges that are faced by the packaging suppliers in the medical marijuana packaging

1. Varied Regulations By State

The manufacturing, production, and packaging of the medical marijuana extract and products should always occur within the state lines.

While there is nothing illegal about making the medical marijuana packaging, the rules, and regulatory compliances serve as a challenge for the manufacturers.

The packaging of medical marijuana also gets complicated when the state or regional rules keep on changing frequently.

2. Approval For The Packaging Materials

Beyond the flower and bud marijuana packaging, various cannabis extracts require a product specific packaging.

Depending on the various marijuana extracts, the packaging products are usually made up of glass, paper, silicone, or metal.

For the medical marijuana packagingchild resistance is one of the most important factors, and FDA does not approve the material used in packaging for cannabis.

3. The Current Financial Conditions

Most of the marijuana industries are set up by small owners, which lead to the operation within the individual states with the lack of finances.

The industry of medical marijuana comes with the serious potential but the due to the lacks of funds, the medical marijuana packaging manufacturers lag behind.

They are required to keep only the limited products that can cater only the daily requirements. And, due to the changing rules, they can’t engage in the long term relationship with the customers.

4. Challenges In Branding

The e-commerce market has been exploding, and there are very fewer cannabis purchases that occur at brick and mortar stores.

Customers have been looking for exclusive brands, and there has to be exceptional medical marijuana packaging so that the brand can stand out from the rest.

The Bottom Line

With all these challenges, the future growth of the medical marijuana packaging industry depends on how the Federation and legalization laws unfold for it.