Choosing a Design for a Professional Uniform

Choosing a Design for a Professional Uniform
Choosing a Design for a Professional Uniform

In order to promote harmony in the workplace, some CEOs may choose to enforce a strict uniform policy for their staff. While this can sometimes bring about a great many benefits, it’s important to work out whether your employees will actually be happy to do these outfits and whether they fit in with your corporate image. If you’re stressing about creating a widely acceptable uniform design, simply follow the tips below and the end results should be acceptable by all.

Choosing a Design for a Professional Uniform
Choosing a Design for a Professional Uniform

Use Quality Material

Since your staff will be the ones wearing the uniforms, you should make sure the material used is comfortable and made for the work they’re doing. The design should incorporate this, ensuring your workers are kept happy throughout their day. For example, uniforms for physical jobs should include fabric that reduces sweating. The color is also important here as it combines with the quality of the material, turning that shirt or pair of pants into either something very comfortable or an item that no one wants to wear.

White tops made from thin fabric may be see-through in certain situations
Black, heavy material will retain heat, making physical work uncomfortable
Thus, it’s important that you think carefully about the fabric used. Never skimp just to save a few cents either as the loss in productivity caused by your poorly designed corporate clothing can result in financial decline later on.

Think About Brand

It’s also important to think about how the overall look of your staff clothes match with the brand you’ve meticulously created. The uniforms should complement rather than detract from the brochures and flyers you’ve made for your business. When sitting down with a custom clothing specialist, take along some of your marketing material and let them have a look at the designs you’ve used. In this way, you can then produce some quality polo shirts that reflect well on your company image. Matching your corporate brand is a matter of considering the following aspects. Remember that these suggestions and general though and the details will have to be tweaked to your particular marketing image:

The message you want to send out to the public
Any logos or slogans your business is using
How your logos look when scaled down to fit
Whether your shirt design seems professional
Getting the image of your workplace uniforms to fit in with the overall brand you’ve created involves a great deal of thought and planning. The end results will be a seamless design that presents a truly positive reflection on your organization.

Get Staff Feedback

Finally, it’s important that you ask your employees about what they think of any potential uniform designs prior to printing them out. After all, they’ll be the ones wearing these items, so it’s important that they’re happy with the look and feel. So that you provide comfortable uniforms that communicate your brand properly, you should send round a sample piece so employees can get a hands-on experience with it before it’s finalised. Also send round a survey asking about the following important yet often overlooked aspects:

Whether the design is comfortable for pregnant women
Whether the colours or shapes are culturally offensive
Whether the uniforms are actually safe to work in!
Whether the clothing is too similar to another brand
Creating a comfortable, practical uniform that reflects positively on your company can only be done after you’ve gained feedback from those who will be wearing the clothing you’re producing. After you’ve gained their thumbs up, you can then contact your local shirt printing specialist and create a full batch of these customised pieces.