Choosing Coloured Diamonds for an Engagement Ring

Whereas traditionally a clear diamond has been the first choice when it comes to proposals, these days the focus has shifted to their more vibrant cousin: the colored diamond. These amazing stones are now popular because of their rarity, more modern image, and the fact that celebrities worldwide are choosing to wear them! If you’re thinking about purchasing one of these spectacular rocks to pop the big question, this guide will go over what to look for so you get a better deal.

Choosing Coloured Diamonds for an Engagement Ring

Choosing Coloured Diamonds for an Engagement Ring

Know the Lingo

Since the color variations here are so vast, you won’t find one diamond that looks precisely like another one. This is further complicated by the fact that these gems usually have two colors (a primary and secondary one). When looking through a jeweler’s catalog, you should be aware of the particular naming system used. For example, the suffix ish always refers to the secondary color of a diamond. Thus, if you see something like “yellowish pink”, this means that the main color is pink but the stone has a slight yellow tinge to it.

You should also be aware of how these diamonds are graded. The global standard says that colorless diamonds are D while yellow stones are Z. The other colors lie between these letters. The colors you can get (ranging from least to most rare) are as follows:

Brown, black & grey
Yellow & orange
Purple, green, blue & red
As you move down this list, the price increases too (proportional to rarity) so you’ll need to know the color scales and how this affects your budget.

Pick a Reputable Dealer

Since these engagement rings cost quite a bit, you should ensure you are actually buying a real gem attached to some legitimate jewelry. You should always try and shop from a well-established retailer such as as this will increase your chances of getting an accessory that is worth the price you’re paying.

In fact, buying from a fully trusted diamond dealer or jeweler may even open up the doors to incredible investment opportunities. The value of colored diamonds is going up rapidly over time and the price of any jewelry that you buy will increase in relation to this. Of course, since this is your engagement ring, you hopefully won’t want to sell it off. However, you may be interested in buying something else for a future investment.

Suiting the Proposal

One last important aspect when it comes to buying coloured diamond rings is that you’ll have to match the accessory with the actual proposal environment. For example, if you are popping the question using some spectacular fireworks, you’ll need some jewellery that shines out just as bright as the explosions overhead. In the same manner, those proposing in a fancy restaurant will need a vibrant gem that simply screams elegance and class.

All of this will take some time to plan out but never fear. Once you’ve found a reliable jeweller, you can then discuss your plans to ask for your girlfriend’s hand in marriage and gain some valuable advice about which of these wonderful gemstone pieces will suit the occasion. You can also get help from your future fiancé’s family and friends, choosing a coloured diamond ring that takes her breath away.

This guide gives you an excellent idea about how to shop for these amazing stones and buy a piece of jewellery that absolutely fits with the romantic occasion you have planned. With this dazzling engagement ring at your side, your current girlfriend is sure to say yes once you ask for her hand in marriage!

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