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Common Myths about Auto Injury Lawsuits

Common Myths about Auto Injury Lawsuits
Common Myths about Auto Injury Lawsuits
Common Myths about Auto Injury Lawsuits
Common Myths about Auto Injury Lawsuits

Car accidents happen all around the world. According to the ASIRT statistics, nearly 1.3 million people die in road accidents every year across the globe. The federal and state laws protect the rights of victims in case of auto injury in accidents.

However, there are many common myths associated with the auto injury cases.  This post shares the most common myths associated with these cases.

Myth 1 – Auto injury laws are the same in every state

No, the auto injury laws are not the same in all countries. The state-run agencies regulate the insurance policies which vary from state to state. There is no-fault-law in some states while there is at-fault-law in other states.

No-fault means that the victim in a car accident is entitled to several benefits, regardless of the person who is at fault. For example, the insurance company will pay for the economic loss for the victim’s injuries irrespective of the driver who caused the accident.

All –fault states consider the person who was at fault and up-to what degree, while determining what the insurance company and each person involved would pay for the injuries and property damage.

Myth 2– A person can collect the injury benefits from merely being in pain

Some states in the US have specific rules that a car accident victim has to pass before he or she can claim the non-monetary damages from the accident. This means that simply being in pain is not enough to get the compensation beyond the limited economic damages.

The injured party can qualify for the additional non-economic damages in any of the following cases:

  1. In case of the victim’s death
  2. Permanent serious disfigurement
  3. Serious impairment of body function

Myth 3– Million dollar settlements are easy in case the victim suffers serious injuries

Common Myths about Auto Injury Lawsuits

Common Myths about Auto Injury LawsuitsMany auto injury cases in the US have witnessed car accident victims who received zero compensation despite having serious injuries. With multiple law interpretations and the impact of activities, the auto accident laws are evolving spontaneously.

As the insurance companies are suffering massive losses as a result of the weak economy, the auto insurance defense teams are becoming strict with the auto accident injury claims. If you live in Los Angeles, an auto injury attorney in Los Angeles can help you to fight your case for the injury compensation.

Myth 4– The insurance companies need to pay high in cases that run long enough

The compensations that a car accident victim would get depend on multiple factors which affect the reimbursement. The compensation depends on the factors such as internal company protocol, the reputation of the auto injury attorney, the terms and conditions of the insurance company. Discussing the case with an auto injury attorney can help to get the victim the required compensation claim.

Myth 5– Any personal injury attorney can handle the case

Common Myths about Auto Injury Lawsuits
Common Myths about Auto Injury Lawsuits

The auto accident laws in Los Angeles and other states of US changes from time to time. It is usually difficult for the general injury lawyers to understand the legal uncertainty of an auto injury case. That is why it is essential to seek help from an auto injury attorney in Los Angeles to handle a matter of a car accident. While seeking a reputed attorney for your case, make sure that the one you choose is specialized in the auto accident cases.

Final Words

An expert legal advice will help you understand the uncertainties and requirements of your auto injury case in the best way. Seeking help from an auto injury lawyer will help you to prevent the loss of your legal rights, medical claims and compensation for the pain and suffering.