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Creating a Haven in Your Own Backyard

It’s possible to create a haven in your own backyard on a small budget, perhaps something along the lines of a Zen garden in which to free your mind and interact with nature.

Few things are more pleasing to the eye and soul than a lush garden complete with exotic plants and water features and by creating your own haven at home you’ll have somewhere to retreat to away from the pressures of work and entertain family and friends.

Plants and/or lawns

Plants make a garden so they’re therefore the most important aspect of your backyard haven and if you have a lawn, then you’ll need to afford time and attention to it also – a messy lawn in need of mowing and weeding is hardly comforting to the eyes or soul.

Variety is key here because gardens with a wide array of plants are more textured, more interesting and ultimately more heavenly places to spend time. You don’t have to pack your garden full of plants to achieve a blissful effect either as there are numerous ways to incorporate plants into your garden. For example you can place plants around the perimeter, in the centre or in a corner – whatever you feel is most comforting and soothing to the eyes and soul.


With regard to your lawn, removing weeds by the roots will prevent them from coming back, and you’ll also need to irrigate it to keep it lushly green and prevent its colour from turning an unsightly brown or yellow. Depending on the size of your garden you might find a sprinkler system a wise investment, plus you can set it up with a timer to keep it regularly watered.

Birds and wildlife

Whilst some wild animals – badgers, bandicoots, moles, etc – can wreak havoc with your lawn and plants, the sight and sound of birds and animals adds to the peaceful nature of your garden and can render your time spent relaxing and freeing your mind and soul even more enjoyable.

A bird feeder and bird bath will have the effect of attracting birds to add colour, sound and life to your garden, plus by planting trees that local birds favour you can entice them into your garden and fill it with colour and song. A number of small trees is considered a better choice than one or two large trees, and not only to entice the birds, but also to provide shade and texture to your garden.

Overly tall trees are also out because they can pose a safety threat to your house and if you have solar panels they could shade them and reduce the photovoltaic effect.

Water features

Like birds and wildlife, having a water feature in your garden will also prove comforting and soothing to the eyes, ears and soul. You don’t need a great deal of space to add a water feature and you have a number of options to explore, such as a koi pond; a pond with colourful carp, a lotus pool with vivid flowers, a wall fountain, perhaps one that recycles rainwater, or if you have the space, an in-ground pond complete with a pond liner to keep the water clear and prevent it from seeping into the soil.

If you’re going to create a pond there are a few considerations to bear in mind, such as the position of the pond; partial shade rather than direct sunlight, the depth; 60cm minimum and deeper if you’re adding fish, the addition of a capillary barrier to prevent water from saturating the soil surrounding it and the use of liners and protective underlay.

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