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    Creating the Perfect Guest Room

    Creating the Perfect Guest Room
    Creating the Perfect Guest Room

    When loved ones from out of town come to visit, the last thing you want to ask them to do is stay in a hotel. You may be embarrassed to invite them to stay with you, however, especially if you do not have an official “guest room” space. It is easy to transform a room into one that is fit to receive guests with a little bit of creativity and work. Here are some tips for creating the perfect guest room in your home.

    Start with sleep. The main thing that your guests will do in the room is sleep. The waking hours will be full of socialization and activities outside of the home. Think of the guests that you are most likely to entertain. Will individuals visit, or entire families? If you think you will need more than one sleeping area, consider looking at sofa sleepers in San Diego stores in addition to a traditional bed. You will also want to think about how much you plan to invest in the actual mattress. Do you want a Simmons San Diego stores sell? Or do you prefer a different brand? Start by giving your guests a comfortable place to their lay their heads and then plan the rest of the room.

    Entertain them. As much as your guests love spending time with you, it is nice to have a few moments of privacy too. In their own homes, relaxation often consists of watching television, listening to music, or reading a book. Equip the guest room with an entertainment center area complete with movies, CDs, and books. This is also a great way to store some of your own belongings in the guest room and save space in the rest of the house. San Diego furniture stores have an array of bookshelves and media centers perfect for any guest room, so decide what size and style will work best for you. Make it known to your visitors that you are not offended if they want some time to themselves in their room.

    Make it cozy. Simply placing a bed and sparse dresser in a space does not make for an accommodating guest room. Add some framed family photos or wall art, along with a floor lamp and curtains. Give your guests the impression that you want them to feel “at home” through your decorating details. If there is room, add a small desk or armchair. Make sure there is at least some space in the closet for your guest to hang his or her clothing. Think of all of the comforts of home that you appreciate when you are away and incorporate those items in the guest room you design.

    Having a guest stay at your home is an honor that comes with some responsibilities on your part. Creating a comfortable place to sleep and providing privacy is a must in any guest room planning. Look for simple ways to show your guests that you are happy to host them and then enjoy the company of your visiting loved ones.

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