Did you know what consumer looks for in the product boxes packaging?

Custom Product boxes

Using the same product boxes for every product isn’t wise. Each product has different shapes and dimensions. The same ordinary box for every product doesn’t last long and cost higher. The innovation in the packaging techniques has made it possible to customize the boxes according to the product. It is a misconception that customization in the product boxes packaging cost higher. But the truth is it brings in more revenue. Here is the question arises how and why. You will find the answer to this particular question in the following.

·       Durable and environmentally friendly material:

It is a huge loss for a brand if its product doesn’t last before making it to the point of sale. None of the buyers will pick the product with the damaged packaging. Thus to prevent this loss and to make a good name in the market you must not compromise on the quality of the product. Hence you can use the cardstock, corrugated, cardboard, rigid and eco-friendly Kraft. The custom product boxes made of corrugated material are commonly in use for shipping purposes. Whereas the cardstock is the most common retail material.

In addition to this, the cardboard and rigid boxes are suitable for product like watches and perfumes. Similarly, the eco-friendly Kraft is a biodegradable material. The demand for this material is higher currently due to social shift. People are now more conscious about the packaging material and thus they prefer this over others. Hence overlooking the type of material is not a good idea.

·         Suitable manufacturing layouts:

What if the product layout you choose doesn’t go with the customer’s day to day use? It’s pretty obvious they won’t buy that product. Therefore you may customize the product boxes packaging that is consumer-friendly.

Almost all the box layouts can be used for any product. The market offers tuck end, sleeves, 2-piece, and five-panel hanger and mailer custom product boxes. Other styles like display, pillow or gable boxes are also available depending upon the product.

You would be glad to know that you can save up manufacturing cost of the wholesale product boxes by ordering in larger amount. Also, the shipping cost of the flattened custom printed boxes is lower than the assembled ones.

·         The appearance of the box must be appealing:

The buyer always first looks for the brand name and then the features it offers. Hence to make your logo eye-catchy you can either emboss it or deboss it with foiling. It creates ease or the consumer to shop if the ingredients are written on the box. Moreover, you can use any form of printing. Either the CYMK or the PMS printing. Both of them last longer but the CMYK costs lesser. The reason behind the high cost of PMS is large color range. But is necessary for products like candies and chocolate where you have to print fancy animation to attract the consumers.

However, if you order wholesale product boxes then you can save few bucks with offset printing. The logo with the spot UV lasts longer on the eco-friendly Kraft in spite of the printing. Hence using the UV is better as the chances of longer removal are lesser with time.

Altogether the consumer always looks for their ease. And it is the job of a good brand to create that ease for their consumers and increase their sales. Undoubtedly the Plus Printers is one of those packaging company that provides you with customization facility. Their personnel of graphic designers and quality products surely help you with any product boxes packaging.

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