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    Diet-Friendly Starters Using Rapeseed Oil

    First produced in the nineteenth century as a source of a lubricant for steam engines, rapeseed oil has come a long way since then, where it was typically not seen as suitable for human or animal consumption due to its bitter taste.

    Since then the rise in both humans and animals consuming rapeseed oil has continued over time, with changes in the way the end product is produced helping to remove much of the bitterness, creating a smooth, delicious oil than more and more people across the world are using to cook with in place of olive, or sunflower oil.

    Diet-Friendly Starters Using Rapeseed Oil
    Diet-Friendly Starters Using Rapeseed Oil


    If you’ve yet to try rapeseed oil you’re in for a treat. Aside from tasting great, this oil also has:

    A higher burn point, meaning you can use it for more,
    Half the saturated fats of olive oil,
    Ten times the levels of fatty acid Omega 3 that our body needs.
    Below we’ve compiled three different diet-friendly starter ideas using rapeseed oil to show you just how versatile this oil can be.

    Whisky-Cured Salmon and Chargrilled Cucumber

    Not a starter for the faint-hearted, if you enjoy whisky-cured fish this is an ideal starter in which to get acquainted with rapeseed oil for the first time, as as soon as you drizzle it over your chargrilled cucumber you’ll know there’s no going back to any other type of oil for you.

    This is an example in which rapeseed oil is used not just in the cooking itself, but as a garnish over the finished starter. Rapeseed oil is a highly versatile cooking oil, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t perform handsomely in the garnishes category as well. As they say, you can’t get too much of a good thing, so if you’ve been enjoying using rapeseed oil in your cooking we highly recommend you look into using it as a garnish too.

    Smoked Trout with Watercress Purée

    Used entirely within the cooking process this time, you’ll need to use at least three tablespoons of rapeseed oil in this delicious smoked trout with watercress purée starter to really give the ingredients within it that added flavour they need to shine.

    It should be noted that this isn’t a starter you can throw together in a few minutes – the watercress purée is significantly improved when made a day prior and left to chill overnight, though if you want to leave this out of the mix (which isn’t recommended) your starter will be complete significantly sooner if you have all the ingredients you need on hand.

    Hazelnut Butter Grilled Scallops

    For a really quick, yet delicious and diet-friendly starter look no further than the stunning hazelnut butter grilled scallops dish; the salad for which is drizzled in one and a half tablespoons of top quality, delicious rapeseed oil.

    As scallops will be scallops, they will only take a little under ten minutes to cook, meaning so long as you throw your salad together quickly you can be sat down eating your starter not too long after the thought of making it pops into your head. Though scallops do, of course, have their own vibrant taste and texture, it’s hard to fault the role of your rapeseed oil garnish in this dish, as it helps to make the whole thing pop.

    In conclusion, first produced in the nineteenth century as a source of a lubricant for steam engines, rapeseed oil has come a long way since then, with the rise in consumption of rapeseed oil in both humans and animals having continued over time.

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