Do Remote Staff Work Better?

How do you think, which kind of employees work more effectively, those who spend their working days within the office, or those who perform their job duties remotely, in private, from their homes? At first sight, it seems that office employees cope better with their duties because they are under constant control of their managers and they always have an access to the information which is necessary for their work. But it is so only in the beginning, and if you look more attentively at the working process of remote staff, you can realize that they can work not less effectively than office employees, even sometimes better.
Remote staff are often more engaged in their work, they are more interested in the results of the work because they plan their day independently, and during working time they wholly concentrate on working processes. So, strict control by managers becomes unnecessary in these conditions. Due to the contemporary means of communication managers can contact their staff when necessary. And business talks are more productive in this case, because both interlocutors cherish their time and concentrate on the most important moments and problems during the conversation. Nowadays the staff have wide range of means of communication at their disposal, such as Skype, mobile connection, video conferences, various e-mail services… So, it is possible to connect with any employee when necessary. Moreover, there is special software such as Сomindware – free task tracking software, that helps to coordinate the work of remote teams. Each team member can see and evaluate the scope of his own responsibilities and duties within a project, and can see the deadlines which should be observed.

Moreover, remote staff is free from those tedious daily trips to the office and back which literally steal their time. It means, that remote staff can spend more time on their work when necessary. Remote staff do not spend their priceless time on useless chats with their colleagues, on endless tea and smoke breaks. They concentrate on their working tasks and contact their colleagues when necessary. Moreover, with the help of the software like it will be easier for remote staff to allocate their time more efficiently.

If to look at this problem from another side, it can be more advantageous for employers to hire remote employees. It is not necessary to spend money on organization of working places for remote employees, for the technical means that are required for their work (such as computers and mobile phones). And it is not required to rent space for remote workers. The profit is obvious!

But nevertheless everything should be determined by the purposes of each definite project and the peculiarities of project tasks. Some project tasks require the presence of staff in the office, other allow to perform the work remotely. It depends.

Author Byline

Hi, my name’s Jannet Sparts and I’m working as an editor of Online Issues. I write for several blogs sharing my experience and observations. I have worked as a project manager in several companies. So I have tried different PM tools, collaboration programs, including tracker and task management software solutions. For the moment PM software is my primary field of interest.