Evaluating an Overseas Job Offer

Evaluating an Overseas Job Offer

Evaluating an Overseas Job Offer

The article discusses some factors that must be considered before finalizing an overseas job offer. Read on to learn!

Thousands of graduates and professionals find short and long-term job opportunities abroad. Currently, getting a suitable job abroad is not a big deal as it used to be earlier! Finding a job in another country has become easier than you think.

The most anticipated moments is when you start getting overseas job opportunities after all the time and energy invested in making your job search for working abroad. Now you just have to choose the one that suits you. Undoubtedly, the salary is the determining factor in most cases. However, remember that though money is essential, there are other factors that can evaluate to arrive at the right decision. Here are some of the important factors in question!

The wage: Let’s start with the salaries, which are the most important factors to evaluate the offer. The annual salary you are offered should be comparable to the average salaries in your industry and your city. You can take help of Internet to find the average salary depending on the job and the city where you are opting to work. If you move to another state, differences in the cost of living may play a role.

Employment Visa: This is the most required thing before accepting overseas jobs offers. Look out for the companies that can sponsor a proper work visa for employment. Avoid going for third party agency to sponsor a work visa or work on tourist/other type of visa. The best way is to adopt the legal way!

Health insurance: Another relevant factor! Ask what additional amount you need to pay to have adequate insurance according to your needs. Ask for insurance details in writing and read them carefully.

Retirement plans: Retirement plans also play an important role in the evaluation of job offer. Today, some companies do not offer retirement plans, hence you need to plan and save money for future.

Vacations: The number of leaves days is another factor to evaluate when accepting a job. In some companies, vacation days accumulate as you work, while in some, you are awarded with the leaves in advance. Discuss about this with the HR.

Flexible schedule: Some of the companies allow employees to decide their own working hours as long as they meet all the objectives. Imagine the possibility to attend events of your children in school and to complete your work tasks without having to miss a school event. Besides, you can also ask for the option of work from home. Ask human resources before accepting the offer if you consider this possibility.

Opportunities for promotion: If your ambition is gain position within the company, ask first whether the work offered allows you so. Normally, the size of the company has a lot to do with the growth that you can get into it.

Work atmosphere: The corporate culture and work environment can help in tipping the balance between professional and personal lives and succeed in the career. A positive working environment always helps in building employee relations and makes you feel more valued. It is equally important to encourage positive employee relations. You can come to learn about the work culture if you have any acquaintances in that company.

Ask for the offer in writing: When you have evaluated all offers related to the overseas job you are applying for, be sure to ask for the offer in writing. There are chances that the person you have answered the questions, does not have the authority to make decisions related to vacations and flexible timing. Legally you are protected if you request a formal written offer including all details spoken by phone or in person.

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