Everyday Grooming Lessons for Your Puppy or Dog

Grooming is important for your dog’s physical well being and beneficial to you. As most of our dogs are inside dogs they need to be clean, flea and tick free, relaxed when bathed and happy to have their nails clipped, their ears cleaned, and enjoy the attention of being brushed.

Start with brushing your puppy each day, chose a time when your pet is sleepy and use the brush like a massage tool. Gently brush the coat being careful not to pull the hair and stopping when your puppy begins to resist. When playing or holding your puppy play with it’s feet, separate it’s toes and touch it’s nails so your groomer will be able to clip the nails without trauma.

To stop you dog from fussing over being brushed, brush one part of the dog’s body each day. Start with each leg, the body, the head, paying particular attention to matting under the front legs and between the back legs. Always stop before your dog show stress or starts to be aggressive but make it a routine that you return to each day.

Don’t frighten your puppy by squirting it with a hose or chasing it with a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer if you intend using a professional groomer. A groomer will use a high pressure washing system and a high-powered drier.

Treat your Puppy or Dog like a Dog!

While we all like to treat our new puppy like our ‘baby’ it is in fact canine. Yes, it is a member of your family and you now have a new responsibility that will last your dog’s life time. However a dog needs to be treated like a dog to have optimum health and become a socially accepted pet.

Introduce your puppy to others of its species and let your puppy have plenty of social interaction so it learns how to be an integrated member of the pack. Make rules and boundaries about behavior and always make you dog obey them. If you don’t want your dog on the furniture then it’s never allowed on the furniture no exceptions. Setting the boundaries and keeping to them means a safe dog not only for your self and your family and friends, but also for neighbor, people on the street, and in dog parks. No jumping up! No leaping and barking at strangers!Walking at the heel on public footpaths! Not leaving your property unless on a leash!

We all want our pet to be accepted by our friends, to be able to take our dog to family gatherings so it’s important that we treat our dog like a dog and understand that dogs have to live by a different set of rules to get along with humans.

If you are having problems with any of your dog’s behavior talk to a profession Dog Trainer or Dog Behaviorist. Don’t allow yourself or your family to be bullied by bad behavior or an aggressive dog. Don’t limit the enjoyment you can have with your dog by antisocial behavior, a fear-aggressive dog, a dog that doesn’t respond to the basic commands of ‘Come’, ‘Sit’, ‘On your bed’, ‘Down’ ‘Stay’ and ‘Leave’.

Hannah Collins is a pet enthusiast and she likes to share her experiences with other pet lovers on web. Hannah loves to write about different pet related issues such as pet sitting and grooming.