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Five Health Benefits Of Onions

Did you ever know that our dear old, humble onion is a blessing in disguise, complete with a series of health benefits? I bet onion will reduce you to tears as you peel of its layers, yet it is a great ingredient to healthy living! Onions are rich sources of sulphur, which goes a long way in strengthening our cartilage and bones, according to a recent research in University of Basel, Switzerland. No wonder George Washington, the first US President, is said to have consumed hot, roasted onions before retiring to bed at night whenever he was afflicted with cold!

Health benefits of onions: The good news is that onions are extremely nutritious, both raw and cooked! Enriched with fibre, flavonoids, vitamin C, folic acid, calcium etc, onions boost your immunity considerably. Onions assist the breakdown of amino acids which activates and energizes your brain and nervous system.

Protects your heart: The ‘quercitin’ compound present in onions prevents blood clots in the heart and lowers cholesterol levels in blood. It improves the heart’s blood circulation and discourages infection of blood vessels. British and Indian scientists have emphasized on the significance of onion as an effective anticoagulant which arrests blood clotting.

Prohibits cancer: Regular intake of onions helps prevent cancer by checking the growth of tumors. The antioxidant content in onions arrest the DNA damage stimulated by cancerous cells, as per scientific studies. Invest in an onion-rich diet as prevention is always better than cure!

Detoxifies the body: Onions are rich in vitamin C and sulphur containing organic compounds. They enable you to flush out harmful toxins from your body like arsenic, mercury, lead and cadmium. These ingredients attach themselves to the metals and discard them from your body.

Maintains your liver: Onions depreciate your blood-glucose levels, thereby prolonging the lifespan of your liver. It also encourages secretion of a digestive enzyme called ‘bile’, which is significant for food digestion. Therefore it saves your body’s insulin content by directly lowering glucose.

Strengthens your bones: High amount of sulphur present in onions enable growth of the connective tissues like tendons and cartilage. Flavonoid polyphenol compounds in onions ensure the growth of bone cells in your body. This has been proved in a recent research in University of Basel, Switzerland. Tendons play an important role as they hold the bones together and connect bones and muscles to each other.

Help yourself to a daily judicious serving of onions, raw or cooked! It is not necessary that you include large quantities of onions if your diet to achieve these health benefits. An onion is also a worthy prescription for asthma patients or even if you are suffering from cough and cold. Strong compounds present in onions relax your bronchial muscles, providing you relief from asthma attacks. Other members of the onion family like shallots and garlic, too, have displayed phenomenal health benefits by preventing fatal diseases like cancer, diabetes and arteriosclerosis. So next time you weep while chopping onions, remember those are ‘tears of joy’!

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