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Five Tips To Improve Your Local SEO On Google Map

Five Tips To Improve Your Local SEO On Google Map
Five Tips To Improve Your Local SEO On Google Map
Five Tips To Improve Your Local SEO On Google Map
Five Tips To Improve Your Local SEO On Google Map

A few days ago, you completed your business listing on Google, but now, nothing, not a phone call. One question hits you: how to optimize SEO on Google map? Looking on the web, you ask a friend, and you come across this article. This is good because the purpose of this article is to provide you with answers to improve your position in local search results.

To do so, I will share with you some tips to improve your chances of appearing in the local results and show you the simple and fast changes that can allow you to approach the first position on Google. Ready to get out of the fog? Follow the guide.

Understand That Local SEO Is … Local

The first important thing you need to remember before you want to optimize your SEO on maps is that local SEO does not exactly follow the same rules as SEO.

Indeed, the goal here is to make your business visible to all customers who are close to him physically. Conversely, SEO seeks to maximize your chances of being well referenced on all queries associated with the search for keywords corresponding to the services you offer, your core business.

Local SEO is therefore particularly suited to activities for which the user’s geographic position is an important criterion for purchasing decisions and customer conversion.

The Distance: Essential Criterion Of Relevance Of Referencing On Google Map

You may have noticed that with which your business appears on the map varies.

Indeed, depending on where you search, the answers change. Seo studies show that the results provided on the Google map change within a radius of fewer than 12 kilometers.

The reason is closely linked to the notion of the catchment area, which defines particularly well the problem of the proximity of local trade in its ability to attract customers.

Google relies on different data to adapt the search results. This allows him to provide the user with the most appropriate response to his position and given the potentially interesting institutions for his research.

To go further on the subject and understand how the search engines are doing, I invite you to consult the corresponding chapter developed in our previous article explaining why referencing your business on Google map. Let’s take a look at the practical actions that can improve your local ranking on Google.

Quick Actions To Optimize Your SEO Google Map

Fill in the information of your company sheet

The first thing to check is the information you provided to Google my business. To improve your position in local results, we invite you to fill out all the information on your Google maps :

Name, business address

Fields of activity and service

Phone number

Inform the different ways to contact you

Opening time

Possibly, a virtual tour of your office

Update your listing to maintain consistent information

If you want to improve your local SEO, information about your business should be complete and consistent. You must not send conflicting signals to the search engines. This is especially true when you change the address of your business, but not only.

Google reconciles the information provided on its local directory with that of other web directories. For example, if you are listed on the Yellow Pages site, fill in the same time and address. Also, remember to put your company pages in coherence on social networks; Facebook, LinkedIn in the lead. The information of your establishment must be included on your website if you have one.

Finally, keep as much as possible the same address and description format. This is an element that may be important, even though, to my knowledge, no study has been conducted on the subject.

Enrich Your Business Listing With Customer Reviews

Perhaps you’ve been paying attention; companies with customer reviews tend to be better positioned in the Google map results. An American study on the key factors of local SEO has shown that customer reviews and position of companies in local search results. Other studies suggest that local packs with more than 5 reviews performed better than others in local results. This is a criterion that you must integrate into your marketing and sales strategy.

We understand that Google uses the opinions of users to complete its ranking algorithm when we know that the main goal of search engines is to provide the best possible response to the user for a given query. And in the eyes of your favorite engine, a company that provides social proof of its competence is logically more relevant than one that does not.

Another fundamental reason why customer reviews play an important role in local SEO is that Google has its customer review system.

That’s why, when you can, I invite you to ask you’re satisfied customers to leave an opinion on your company. Do not hesitate to suggest to them to specify the nature of what you did for them. The reason is simple: it will have the effect of linking your institution to specific keywords corresponding to your activity, and therefore, searches of Internet users!

The reviews left must be made by real customers. In the opposite box, you expose yourself to a penalty of your establishment by Google with the Pigeon algorithm

Follow The Recommendations Of Google

Feel free to inquire and follow the SEO recommendations formulated by the search engines. The information they provide can help you avoid common mistakes or show you the best practices. This advice is simply logical: to have a well-ranked website locally better to listen to the advice of Google itself. So, if you’re new, I invite you to start by consulting Google support and SEO blogs such as this one.