Garden Design Ideas to Increase Home Security

When looking to not only increase the level of security around the home and garden but to add some design appeal there are a wide number of options available that will fit the bill.

Secure the Boundary of Your Property

The addition of a clearly defined boundary is one of the most effective solutions to preventing unwanted visitors and would be thieves from gaining access to your property. Not only does a well constructed fence or hedge act as a physical barrier but will also act psychological barrier that will deter most people.

With a wide range of options to choose from, some options are more effective than others and some certainly look better than others. If it were purely down to security, then the most obvious solution would be to install a high wall with barbed wire fencing around the top. However as this would make the home look like a prison, this is probably not going to be the best solution.

What most homeowners find to be effective is either a high fence that can be constructed from either timber or metal. These are popular materials because they can be made to a number of designs that are available to suit most garden designs. For example, the addition of some metal fencing with a spear top design will make the home look regal and classy, whilst at the same time making it difficult to climb over. The drawback to this design is that because metal fencing is generally not of a solid panel construction, minimal amount of privacy are achieved.

In comparison, a wooden fence will provide lots of privacy and a softer overall look to the home making them more suited to older properties. However, timber fencing is not as strong and durable as the metal option if not installed correctly and constructed from the correct grade of timber. However, having said that, so long as the timber is regularly treated to prevent decay, there is no reason why one material should outlast the other.

For a less architectural look, the addition of thick hedges and shrubs are also an effective solution. In terms of species, hawthorns and spiky buses are popular because not only do they act as a barrier but will also be pretty painful to get through should someone be really determined to gain access over the boundary.

In addition to securing the majority of the perimeter of the home with fencing, this can leave the vehicular and pedestrian access points more vulnerable unless adequate security measures are in place. For this reason the addition of high security garden gates and driveway gates will provide the perfect option. With literally thousands of design options available, generally in a matching style as the fencing, you can easily create the perfect uniform designer look to your home.

In addition to the physical security improvements, other factors can play a part in protecting your home and garden. With the addition of some outdoor garden lighting, areas that were once dark and inviting for criminals to watch the movements of the occupants can now be transformed into a tranquil and aesthetically pleasing environment which can help create a perfect setting for outdoor evening entertaining with friends and family.

Around the front of the property, the addition of security lighting that works off a sensor is also really effective. Working off movement, they can provide an early warning system alerting homeowners to someone`s presence outdoors.

In conclusion, security is something that we all need to be aware. With many design options available and often very simple to complete on a DIY basis, there really is no reason to scrimp on home security.

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