Google Panda and Google Penguin: A Headache Source to People Who Earn Online

The present world can actually be likened to a horse race but the race is not actually the horse racing, rather, the technology. So people can better live and earn in this world of struggles and race, most people are actually enjoying and living in the money that they earn from online technology. But it is also a reality that not all people really have faith in SEO providing earnings to other people, some even just laugh at the idea of earnings from it.

Well, the part where people could earn real money from SEO is highly true and they have even fears right now because Google has released its weapon of killing their source of income. The SEO world is really a world where many work opportunities are flowing for the people to work on, there are writers, link builders and so on.

When you work part time online at home, it simply means that you are adding more income into your pocket and you are also furthering your work experience and capacity. The idea of working from home is actually ideal for the people who also have a family already as when you work from home, you can manage your own time for work and you can further balance it to also have a great time for the family.

Another near death experience would again strike the SEO community now as the Google Panda and Google Penguin becomes serious of another update in algorithm. It is real that it is spreading like a disease but it does not mean that it will be killing all the earners in the SEO community, the Google Panda and Penguin must be doing their best, but the people in the SEO community and having their shield. If you are one person that is greatly benefitting from the SEO community, you should remember the points here so you can live through whatever changes.

Whenever you have plans of making your website appear to be in the first page of the search engine results through manipulation and unnatural means, then drop that idea away for Google Panda and Penguin will surely knock you out.

As much as possible you have to make your website a website that is very engaging to the visitors. Google can recognize your website with the visitor engagement that you also have and will help in the website’s promotion.

Quality of content is really significant when it comes to a page or website. Google will always follow on the rule of quality over quantity.

One of the ways that the SEO community could do in order to save the jobs of millions of people who depend on working from home is to strictly abide by the rules and guidelines by Google. The key to be able to continue in the SEO world is to ensure quality in content and to provide your website an extra effort when it comes to promotion, this is of course promotion in fair manner.

Many people get to find work from home jobs and suddenly got worried of the new SE algorithms which Mary of GPT has explained further above. If you think you have also been affected with such, you still get other ways such as