Handy Tips for Planning an Island Hopping Holiday in the Caribbean

When holidaying in the Caribbean, it has become increasingly popular to island hop with the aim of experiencing as much of this heavenly region as possible. Plus, with a greater array of transportation options and vacation packages offered than ever before, it’s hardly surprising that so many travelers are island hopping around the Caribbean.

If you think that this is the kind of break you’d enjoy, and chances are it is, make good use of the wealth of information on the region and the activity to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

Handy Tips for Planning an Island Hopping Holiday in the Caribbean

Handy Tips for Planning an Island Hopping Holiday in the Caribbean

Island hopping by boat

Although nowadays more people are opting to fly from one isle to another, there should be little doubt that going by boat on those heavenly turquoise waters is an amazing experience and something that all should experience at least once.

However, you must bear in mind that the transportation infrastructure in the region isn’t up to the standards of that in Europe, the UK and other parts of the world. Though this isn’t to say you should just look at flights as these are much more expensive. Rather, you must make sure to plan your island hopping adventure well.

While it might seem easy as you look at the map, it often proves just the opposite when you actually start making plans. The best advice that can be given here is don’t try to cover great distances by boat because you’ll generally find it’s not feasible – it generally involves open sea voyages – though if you have your heart set on sailing, pick a small island group like the Lesser Antilles, the Bahamas or the Virgin Islands.

Island hopping by air

Exploring the Caribbean by air nowadays is much more feasible and easier to arrange, though at the end of the day, it’s also more expensive. However, if you want to see several isles in one trip then going by air is easily the best way to go about things. However, if you’re planning on visiting the Bahamas, the Lesser Antilles or the Virgin Islands – it won’t prove difficult to arrange a local ferry ride or two to add to the experience.

There are a number of all-inclusive St Lucia or other area packages to take note of if you’d like to see something more of this paradisical region than one island, and a good example of a ‘doable itinerary’ that is Antigua-Dominica-St Lucia-Barbados. This itinerary works well for British holidaymakers because they can fly from London to Antigua and then make the return journey from Barbados.

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