Hospital Decides Not to Remove Oxygen from a Cancer Patient Saying “I Want to Live”

Good news comes in from the Life Legal Defense Foundation that a US-based hospital that has made the decision to not remove oxygen from a cancer patient who says, “I want to live.”

Catie Cassidy –a 64-year-old woman, was reported to be at the risk of euthanizing by a leading United States hospital in Minnesota. However, when she urged her willingness to live longer, the hospital decided to take back its decision by continuing the supply of oxygen to the cancer patient. The woman has victoriously received a chance to live again after a non-profit, pro-life legal organization interrupted in her case to fight with the hospital.



Catie Cassidy’s Case

After the hospital decided to withdraw its decision of euthanizing the lady, the woman is now resting comfortably with the continued supply of oxygen. As per the reports from the non-profit, pro-life legal organization named LLDF (Life Legal Defense Foundation), the hospital had to abide by the wishes of the woman to live longer. The hospital also had to give in to the expectations of the lady’s healthcare proxy and thus, decided to not remove the oxygen supply of the cancer patient.

The Foundation, in a statement, revealed, “Today, we received the news from the Fairview Hospital –located in Edina, Minnesota, that the hospital authorities are fully cooperating with the respective health care proxy of Catie. The hospital also expressed its wish to continue providing Catie with the much-needed oxygen that was required for her given condition.”








LLDF Fulfilling Catie’s Wishes

When the case was disclosed by Life Legal Defense Foundation, the hospital in which Catie was hospitalized started receiving several calls as well as visits from the concerned people all around. Alexandra Snyder –Executive Director at LLDF, says, “We are really thankful to all the people around for showing their concern to Catie’s condition. We are relaxed that Catie’s words could come up, and we could let the hospital know of her wish in the end.”

Cassidy is a cancer patient having lung cancer. Without the continuous flow of supplemental oxygen to her system, she can suffocate to death. Under no “uncertain terms,” Catie has communicated her thoughts through a video. The video clip went viral, and people started showing massive concerns towards her condition. In the given video clip, Catie is shown expressing her desire that the hospital authorities should not “pull the plug” on her supply of oxygen because she wanted to live.

In the given video, Catie recounted her moments of interaction with the hospital authorities. She had responded saying that in no way she wanted the authorities to pull the plug. She also recalled saying that she was not done yet, and she would continue fighting for her life because she wanted to live more.



Not Dead Yet Comes Forward to Help

Not Dead Yet –a disability rights group based in New York City came to Catie’s help upon seeing the viral video clip. The group contacted LLDF to look into the concerns of the care related to Catie’s condition. Not Dead Yet is known to support causes that oppose cases of euthanasia and suicides. The Life Legal Defense Foundation received a call from the daughter of Catie’s healthcare proxy. She only had provided the video out in which Catie was seen emphatically expressing her will to live more.

The non-profit, legal organization, stated, “LLDF is pleased that through its help Catie will now be able to fulfill her wish to live longer with the help of the much-needed care. Moreover, her wish to continue fighting for her life until it allowed will now be honored.”

Snyder also went forward with expressing gratitude to the Minnesota team of the non-profit organization. The team included the local attorneys named Craig Beuning and Wayne Holstad. Both the attorneys were responsible for intervening immediately on behalf of Catie and were praised for the same.

Snyder has further explained that withdrawing oxygen supply from Cassidy would lead to her death from suffocation. In the given case, the doctors would have used active euthanasia for carrying out the job. However, this is illegal in Minnesota, along with other states in the United States of America. In response to the same, the hospital was observed releasing a statement in which it expressed that it aims at doing the best when it comes to honoring the wishes of the respective patients and does not aim at practicing euthanasia in any given circumstance.

The Hospital’s Statement

In the given official statement, the hospital at which Catie was admitted expressed that because of the presence of the existing privacy laws, it is not in a condition to comment on the medical condition of a specific patient. However, the hospital authorities can indeed share the information on how it aims at addressing end-of-life care. The specific end-of-life care aims at ensuring the maximum comfort of the patient during the dying procedure. The hospital authorities communicate with the patient closely. In case the patient is unable to get involved in the given communication, with the help of the designated decision-maker of the patient, the authorities aid the procedure. The hospital also stated that it aims at honoring the known wishes of the patient to the fullest –whether the wishes are related to living longer or stopping the treatment.

Euthanasia is regarded illegal in Minnesota and other states as well. Snyder, in the given case, expressed gratitude as well as confidence about the fact that the given case had brought widespread attention to the treatment of Cassidy. Her treatment would be now instrumental towards ensuring that her wish to live longer gets fulfilled. Snyder further explained that people should now be aware of the fact that such incidences are also happening around. Therefore, it is imperative for each and everyone out there to keep fighting for oneself and the loved ones around.

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