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How to add glamor to bedroom décor?

Bedroom is not just the place to cozy up after a tiring day at work. It is also the place where once creativity and talent can be put to best use. From a simple room with just the basic furniture, the bedroom can be transformed into a glamorous abode if a careful planning is done.

Let us observe few ways to glamorize the bedroom

Furniture: Bedroom is no more the place for the old style beds and wardrobe. Online stores have opened up scope for glamorizing the room. Thanks to the innumerable furniture shopping portals, one can choose any type of bed depending on their budget. From Murphy bed and platform bed to sofa bed and water bed there is bed for all budget and types. Similarly beds with Victorian and French touch can make your bedroom stand out from the rest. The same is the case with other furniture like wardrobe, side table and dressing table. All white furniture is the latest trend. White bed and side table against a dark background like purple or red can create a style statement for an otherwise boring décor. A careful understanding of the theme of décor of bedroom helps a lot in selecting the right furniture.

Pebblewick Stone White Single Bed.  Pebblewick Stone White Single Bed from Dooleys furniture
Pebblewick Stone White Single Bed.
Pebblewick Stone White Single Bed from Dooleys furniture

Rugs: Rugs and carpets are not only meant to provide warmth to the room, but it can also add up to the décor value of the room. Even though carpets are available in different varieties and texture, Oriental hand woven woolen carpets are still considered to the epitome of style. Due to the intricate design of these carpets, they would look best with plain and neutral colored décor. It is also a common trend to go in for matching area rugs and curtain to provide coordination to bedroom décor.

Lighting: Wall scones to table lamp to floor lamp the lighting options for bedroom are many. But still chandeliers are the best bet when it comes to glamorizing the bedroom. Victorian style chandeliers with candle holders can provide a romantic touch to the room. Focus lights just above the headboard would add not only to the glamour of the room but can also do away with the use of table lamp.

Accessories: Accessories in the form of bedding, curtain, wall decals etc has a major role to play when it comes to transforming the look of the bedroom. Bedding and curtains in satin or silk can provide a luxurious and classic look to the room. Wall decals in the form of large motifs and large framed pictures with focus light can change the entire appearance of the room.

Interior décor is an art; especially when it comes to bedroom as it is a place which is close to our heart. Thanks to the innumerable online shopping portals, one need not hop from shop to shop looking for that perfect accessory for the bedroom. All one need is creativity and time to go through the various online shops and pick out the best.

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