How To Choose Your Wedding Rings?

How To Choose Your Wedding Rings?

How To Choose Your Wedding Rings?

You have been strutting about for months; with your sublime engagement ring. And now thinking about the alliance that will sublimate it 🙂 But in what gold? With or without stones? And besides, should an alliance absolutely go with the engagement ring?

We interviewed the Midwest Jewellery to answer all these questions. After that, for sure, he can, serenely; you pass the right ring on your finger!

Your Heart Swings?

A Choice In Gold!

Between yellow gold, white gold and pink gold, the choice of colour can be a real dilemma. Traditionally, brides and grooms are turning to yellow gold or white gold but a new kid has pointed the tip of his nose … the pink gold! And the fiancés are tearing it away. Why? Quite simply, because in addition to being delicate and suitable for all skin tones, it is gold that goes very well with white gold. So all those who have a sublime engagement ring in white gold and who dream of this rose gold can cry Hallelujah!  The two will marry wonderfully

How to convince your half that pink gold is the right choice? Just tell him the truth: it’s a discreet gold and boilerplate! It will be fine.

You Want It To Shine?

When one thinks of an alliance, one immediately thinks of a ring, in gold, very simple … But what you dream, you, it is perhaps a ring adorned with small stones all around! A ring that all your girlfriends will envy you. And we understand you! So we say it once and for all: no, the stones are not reserved for the engagement ring. So if you dream of a diamond river on your wedding ring, you have the right 🙂

However, do not forget that your wedding ring must be adapted to your daily life. If you spend your days in the water or grease, a model with lots of small stones may not be very suitable even if you dream. It’s up to you to see if you are ready to remove it every day!

Should We Choose The Same Alliance?

There is no obligation! Couples often make the choice of an identical wedding ring, but if you want your wedding ring in the same metal as your engagement ring (white gold) and your dear and tender prefer a yellow gold version, do not panic!

Nothing prevents you from sealing your wedding rings by engraving your date of the meeting, your first names, etc.

What You Absolutely Need To Know…

Before you even draw your magnifying glass and your technical knowledge, do not forget that your sensitivity is your best weapon to analyze the quality of a stone!  Look, touch … Do you prefer a bright emerald to a bright emerald? You prefer this slightly imperfect stone because it moves you? Well, follow your sensitivity! Everyone will have their opinion and that’s fine.

And for those who still want to understand how to evaluate the quality and beauty of stone, do you know the 4C rule? It is she who defines the quality of a diamond.

The carat: the first C for Carat which designates the weight of the stone. A carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams … which is still a diamond with a diameter of more than 6mm!

Clarity: the second C for Clarity that defines the purity of the diamond. Diamonds with little or no inclusion (slight internal or external marks) are very rare and therefore they are very expensive. The highest grades are Fl (for flawless, that is to say flawless) and the highest grade IF (for Internally Flawless) is reserved for exceptional stones.

Color:  the third C for Color corresponds, as its name suggests, to the colour of the diamond. The perfect colour for a diamond would be completely colourless. With letters ranging from D (the most colourless diamonds) to Z (slightly grey or yellow stones), it is possible to know the colour of the diamonds.

Size:  The fourth C for Cut determines the shape as well as the way the facets were worked by the diamond to increase its brightness. There are the popular glossy sizes such as a round cut or princess faceted sizes such as pear shape, marquise or oval sizes to degrees as the emerald cut or pink in sizes also called “rose cut”  given to taste of the day for a few years.

Beauty Advice

Do you know what, in addition to your dress and your smile will be the star of the day, at your wedding? Your ring … and so your hands! Everyone will want to see it and your photographer will not hesitate to take pictures.

This will be the moment to pamper them and make you a perfect manicure 🙂

One month before your wedding, start your “hands of the queen” routine by making an appointment with a manicure. She will give you valuable advice and prepare your hands for D-Day and every night before bedtime, also think of gently massage your handcuffs with a moisturizer!

Maintain His Alliance

After your wedding, you will officially return to the very private club of “Call me Madam …” (with the left hand that gesticulates in all directions). Your ring, you will love it, wear it, show it and make it live your daily life! And rest assured, it is quite normal that a jewel (and even more, a ring) worn every day shows some signs of wear, and whatever its quality.

However, there are still some tricks to cherish it:

Remember to remove it when you dive your hands in the water

Pay attention to household products!

Avoid wearing it when climbing, gardening or participating…

If you are travelling, do not put it with your other jewels in one small pouch. By clashing, it could be damaged!

Finally, for cleaning, nothing simpler: use a very soft brush and soapy water especially on the centre stones. Of course, avoid scrubbing the pavements too insistently 😉 To shine gold and platinum, you just need to spend suede on your ring!

And she will live forever <3

Should We Match The Wedding Ring To Its Engagement Ring?

Again, there is no predefined rule. Of course, if you want to wear them on the same hand, it is better to choose the same gold for a question of harmony. But as explained above, pink gold goes very well with white gold.

Also, if your engagement ring is imposing, we advise you to favor an alliance a little more sober by his side (no question of stealing the show!). Conversely, if your engagement ring is unobtrusive, do not hesitate to venture the alliance paved with diamonds or even, why not, with colored stones 🙂