How To Fix Flat Feet With Exercises

How To Fix Flat Feet With Exercises


When the pain in feet becomes excruciating due to lack of arc, you ask for more pain killers from your doctor. People might initially not face severe pain due to flat feet. However, there could be other symptoms of flat feet like swollen inner side of the foot, problem standing for long hours and getting tired easily after walks. You could also have difficulty in some foot movements such as standing on the toe and slight pain around the heel and arch area in the beginning. To your surprise, one out of four Americans have this deformity of feet, so you are not alone.

There could be several reasons for flat feet problem, and few of them are:

  • Family history of flat feet
  • Obesity or pregnancy
  • Aging and arthritis
  • Bone fracture
  • Damaged tendon

Longer you ignore this condition sooner you start to face pain in lower back, knees and around the ankle. So it is advisable to start thinking of correcting the foot structure by doing the best exercises for flat feet. There are orthopaedic treatments available like surgery, but one should try natural ways first. Exercises can fix flat feet problem.

Before starting exercises, make sure there is no or bearable pain while performing these exercises.

Spreading Toes

You have to sit down on the ground and spread your legs straight. Start to collapse and spread the big toe and small toes of the foot. Perform these steps for at least 15 times and pause for 1 minute and try to complete 50 times. You will feel quite relaxed. This exercise is quite easy.

Short Foot Exercise

It is one of the best exercises for flat feet. You should stand with your face towards the wall and hands on the wall for support. Squeeze lower part of your foot upwards from mid as much as possible. Push the bottom of big toe towards the ground keeping the toe relaxed. This exercise stimulates the foot muscles at the bottom and contractions strengthen the tissues.

Toe Raising

Stand straight towards the wall and raise the big toe upward and curl the rest toes downward. Next, do the opposite by changing the direction of big toe curled downward, and the rest of them stretched upward.

Crunching Towel

Take a towel and spread it on the floor. Place your one foot on the towel and start crunching the towel with your toes. Try to repeat at least till you feel the contraction in foot arch. Continuous practice will start to activate the arch which is made of several muscles. The arch begins to rise after some time. This exercise should be done for around 50 times.

Massage With Ball

Sit on a chair and hold a ball under your foot. Start rolling your foot over the ball to its length. Keep repeating with a slight more push on the arch of the foot.

All the above flat feet exercises can be done by anyone who sees symptoms of flat feet. To observe a noticeable difference in flat feet, it is essential to do all the exercises 3 times per week. You will feel relief from pain and improvement in the structure of the foot.