How To Fix The Broken Camera Of A Phone

How To Fix The Broken Camera Of A Phone

How To Fix The Broken Camera Of A Phone


Almost every phone today comes with an inbuilt camera. Even the phones with a button keypad have an inbuilt camera. The phone manufacturers know that the camera is a necessity for the customers. People often experience in cell phone cameras that need cleaning, repairing or replacement.

The smartphone mechanics charge you heavily for fixing the camera problems. However, it is possible to set the camera issues at home using simple tools and equipment. However, you need a bit of knowledge, skills, and some tools to fix your smartphone camera at home.

To fix your phone camera on your own, you need some simple tools to open the body of the phone, replace the camera and close the phone again. Let us check some simple steps to fix the broken camera of a phone.

Camera Is Blurry

If the rear or front camera of a smartphone is blurry, it will not take clear pictures. The pictures you receive will contain a blur that nobody wants. You need to clean the camera lens as the blur is usually created due to the dust or moisture on the inner surface of the glass or the camera lens.

Remove the outer cover of the phone and unscrew the screws using a screwdriver kit. Take a microfiber cloth and clean the exterior glass from both sides. Also, clean the camera lens with a lens cleaning solution.

Then take some pictures without cover and see the difference. Put the phone cover back in its place and put the screws back in their home. Your phone camera will be able to take clear pictures than before.

Also, open the camera app in your phone settings and clear the data on your camera app as old cache data can also cause problems while taking pictures.

The Camera Shows A Black Screen Or Doesn’t Take Pictures

If your camera is not able to take photos, then you need to replace your camera. Open the back cover of your phone and remove the battery, SIM cards and memory cards and any other accessory.

Opening Your Phone

First, you need to know the correct screwdriver to begin the back panel of your phone. Don’t use a standard screwdriver as it can damage the screws. Open the rear panel of your phone using the relevant screwdriver from your screwdriver kit. Some phones have a separate camera panel that won’t require you to remove the entire back panel.

Removing The Camera

How To Fix The Broken Camera Of A Phone

How To Fix The Broken Camera Of A Phone

After removing the panel, you may need to remove the camera. Usually, the camera is installed under a plastic or metal cover. They are also mounted using the screws that you need to unscrew to remove the cover.

After removing the cover, you can easily hold the camera unit with a tweezer and pull it upwards slowly as it has a cable attached to it. The best way to do it is to pry one edge a little and then prying up the other side. Once the camera is removed from its mounting, remove the cable that connects it to the main circuit of the phone. Your camera is now completely detached from your phone.

Installing The New Camera

After removing the broken camera, the next step is to install the new camera on your phone. Take the new camera and attach the camera cable to it using the given plugs. Then put it in place from where you removed the faulty camera.

Make sure it fits in its place perfectly and does not move if you slide your finger on it. After placing the new camera in its place, put the metal or plastic cover on it and put the screws back on it. Make sure you put back the correct screws of the cover and not of the phone panel.

Closing Your Phone

If you have removed any other components such as the antenna, put them back and attach them correctly in the phone. Then put the back panel of your phone in its place with the help your screws and screwdriver. Put back all the screws in their area and tighten them well to hold the back panel firmly.

Put the SIM cards, memory card and the phone battery in their place and also put the back cover in its place. Now switch on the power button on your phone and wait for a few seconds so that the operating system of your phone recognises the new camera.

Open your camera app and take some shots in the bright daylight. Then take some shots in the indoor light. If the pictures are clear and sharp, then you have installed the camera correctly on your phone.

Final Words

If you are not confident enough to replace the camera of your phone, you can take professional help online or consult the phone repair services. If you live in Palmerston, you can search the Phone Repairs Palmerston services for the camera replacement. The above-given tips to replace your phone camera are the simple steps that anyone can follow at home to repair or replace their cell phone camera.