How To Plan An Unforgettable Birthday Bash

When it comes to birthday parties, the aim is always to establish the fun factor, with the desire to dazzle and impress your guests and of course revel in it all yourself. In order to warrant everything is accounted for and all runs alright on the night, then be sure to plan in advance. There are a number of factors to be considered and if you’re out to galvanize then you won’t want to miss a thing out.

Firstly you need to define your guest list as this will determine what size the venue needs to be. You may also want to put a lockdown on your budget. This is where pre-planning lends a helping hand rather than you splashing out willy nilly and frittering your money away. If it’s nice weather around the time of your birthday then you may want to opt for an outdoor venue, failing that you could hire a hall/large room for the special night. It’s all about what you do with the interior of the venue, jazzing up the decor and splashing your personal touch around the room with photos/banners/balloons etc.

If you really want to pull out all the stops, then adopting a theme for the party would be a fantastic idea. There are a number of options to choose from which will all provide your guests with ample choice of costume. A few examples would be film/cartoon characters, sixties/seventies style, animals and so on. Favouring a theme will add even more fun to the bash as it eradicates any otherwise formalities. Additionally, the photos of the event will most definitely be a batch to treasure and reminisce over long after the party’s ended.

Most people have been to a party with a DJ, it’s generally the norm. But anyone who’s been to a party with a live band will tell you how much better the night was. Hiring a live band will create a more buzzing and energetic environment as they will be a lot more interactive with your guests than just a lifeless playlist. In regards to entertainment, another possibility could be to hire a magician for the evening. It will just add that little extra to excite and impress your guests over the course of the night, something unique to add to the mix.

Fireworks are the perfect way of creating that visually dazzling spectacle for you and your guests. Whether you have chosen an indoor/outdoor venue, you can still venture outside as the evening draws to a close and make time for a splendid display. Chinese Lanterns could also be a tasteful alternative – they are extremely cost-effective, simple but will establish a beautiful scene for your guests.

Parties don’t always run to plan, guests can be late, speeches can run over and unforeseen technical issues could occur. The important thing is to remember that a party is a celebration, and nothing will kill the atmosphere faster than the host losing it so make sure you let loose and enjoy yourself!

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