How to Use Whatsapp on Your SmartPhone?

WhatsApp is a Messenger application. It is a proprietary, cross-platform IM (instant messaging) app for smartphones. It allows people to send text messages to each other, but may also allow them to send audio, media, videos and images too. You may use the app with these operating systems. BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry OS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian (S60), and Series 40 (basically all the popular operating systems). According to Wikipedia, WhatsApp handles ten billion messages per day.

The very nature of SMS texting is starting to change

This means that this one app may be changing the nature of SMS texting, and so is going to receive a lot of coverage and support from the big software developers, hence the reason you can use the app with the most popular operating systems. Barring a big security meltdown with the company, you can expect to hear more about this app.

If you own an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or you are a user of Windows Phone, you’ll definitely be familiar with the WhatsApp application. It allows you to chat and to send free SMS messages to your friends. This is a useful application that may also be linked to your cell phone number. If you want to use WhatsApp on your Windows computer, then here is one of the ways that you can install it. There are more ways than one to do this, so here is one method.

Download the BlueStacks program

Download and install the program BlueStacks for Windows. You should be able to Google this program. Be careful where you download it from, as it is sometimes hosted by people who do not have your best interests at heart. Run a scan on anything you download in order to check for viruses and malware.

Install the WhatsApp program onto BlueStacks

Install the application WhatsApp in Bluestacks (it usually appears in the sidebar). If you do not see it then use the search box to find it. Installation is straight forwards, all you need to do is follow the on-screen instructions (as with most installations these days). There is no need to reconfigure files or manually install files.

Launch the WhatsApp program

Once installed, double click on WhatsApp to launch it. You must then click on the “Agree and Continue” button to proceed. If you are going to have any compatibility problems then here is where they will surface.

Now add your cell phone number

Enter your country and your mobile phone number into the program. Click “OK” in order to proceed with the verification of the number. You will have to wait then verify and activate your account. You may fail your PC verification if you do not receive an SMS text. If this happens then you have probably either entered the wrong number into the program, or the SMS text is late in arriving.

If you check your number and it was correct, then wait a little while to see if the text comes. You can try the old “switch it off, switch it on” trick to try and encourage the text to come through. If you get tired of waiting then you can choose the Verify option “call me” and you will receive a phone call. Follow the on screen instructions to finalize the verification.

Go through the final stages

Once you have completed the checkout process (or you may have a free trial) you can use WhatsApp to chat and send text messages to your friends directly from your desktop computer.

Add a contact on WhatsApp

In order to communicate with someone you must first enter your contact in the contact list of WhatsApp, you can add it manually by following these steps.

Click the “Show Menu” button. It is the button on the bottom left, next to the arrow key. Within the menu click on “Contact Us.” Now go back and click the “Show Menu” button again. When you are in the menu click the “New Contact” button. Now enter all the data that you want to store and save. You must at least enter a phone number, but there are options to enter more details. The contact you added will appear in the contact list.

Send a message to a contact on WhatsApp

Starting a conversation with a contact is very easy and can be done in just two steps. First you go on to the main screen of WhatsApp, and click on the pencil icon on the upper right of the screen. Secondly you must click on the contact with whom you want to communicate and you will see the message panel open up. The rest is pretty straight forwards.

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