Huge Weight Loss Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

Huge Weight Loss Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

Huge Weight Loss Mistakes You Need To Stop Making


Weight loss is never actually pure, no matter what others might tell you. It requires a lot of dedication, hard work and knowledge. The problem is that education is usually lacking. This often leads to mistakes that stop weight loss from happening or drastically reduce results. Some of the common mistakes you need to stop making right now are presented below.

A Focus On Scale Weight

Many feel that they do not lose weight as fast as they should, even if they do stick to a strict diet. Scale numbers should not dictate how you feel about the journey you are on. Weight is just one measure you need to think about.

Remember that weight is influenced by various things, like the amount of food that is still within your body and fluid fluctuations. It is normal for weight to fluctuate around 5 pounds per day. At the same time, if you are a woman you also need to worry about hormonal changes and estrogen levels.

Another thing to consider is that when you are working out, muscle mass is gained and fat is lost. This means that clothes begin to be looser, even if scale weight is stable. It is always better to measure your body than to rely on scale weight.

Blindly Relying On Supplements

There are thousands of weight loss supplements that are advertised as helping you lose a lot. Unfortunately, many end up feeling that this is precisely the case. When weight loss does not appear, motivation goes down.

Remember that you can use the very best supplements to lose weight and still not reach your goals if you do not look at the bigger picture. Supplements are meant to help your diet, to cover what is not present when increasing fat burning. Also, without exercising, you cannot lose weight.

Too Much Or Too Little Exercising

Speaking about exercising, you need to avoid overdoing it, and you do have to work out. Some muscle mass is going to be lost, just as your fat. How much depends on various factors.

You do not want to avoid not exercising as you end up losing too much muscle mass while the metabolic rategoes down. When you over-exercise, you are faced with increased stress and impaired adrenal hormones production. You are practically forcing the body to burn too many calories, which is not a good idea.

Avoiding Weightlifting

Resistance training is essential when you want to lose weight. Numerous studies showed that lifting weight is highly effective for those that want to gain muscle and increase their metabolic rate. Belly fat loss is boosted, and body composition is improved.

Some studies showed the fact that the best weight loss is achieved through a combination of weightlifting and aerobic exercises. You might not find this ideal but adding in some weightlifting routines from time to time is very useful.


Do not underestimate the importance of knowing when you want to lose weight. If you have doubts about anything, talk to an experienced professional so you can make the best choices while avoiding mistakes like those mentioned.