Countertop water heaters are usually purchased for producing hot water for beverages. They are ideal for any place that provides food and drink service. Whether the users are in a hospital, cafeteria line, an office break room, or a hotel meeting room, hot drinks are always desired. They are mandatory for a food service that needs to move from room to room. There are many choices for these countertop appliances, so consider your needs before you make a purchase.

Options for Countertop Water Heaters

Electrically run countertop water heaters are sized for various uses. Will it be tapped by food service personnel, or by end-users filling up their cups? Will it be located in the commercial kitchen or at a breakfast bar? Does the office have lots of tea and coffee drinkers, or just a few? If in public view, does it need to be attractive? Some units also include a steam injector that will froth milk, chocolate, or soup. If it will sit next to a coffee maker, matching the manufacturer or even just the size is a good idea.

One option that many offices choose for a break room is one machine that supplies hot and cold water, as well as ice. These can be leased, or purchased, with a service contract; the leaser may even supply the coffee and tea service and a coffee maker. There is also the option for autofill boilers, which is especially attractive if your establishment is busy.

Water dispensers for domestic countertops are available in most retail stores for very reasonable prices. They can be used in the kitchen, the desktop, a camper, or any other place that a small amount of hot water is needed quickly. (The water is provided faster than it could be heated in a microwave.) They usually shut off after one use and have a fairly limited capacity.

How Much Water do you need?

The size of the appliance is the most obvious parameter when selecting a countertop water heater. You need to consider the number of users during the peak hour; whether the use is spread out during the day, or at a rush time (breakfast for example); shut off safety features so that water is not dripping or even running all over your patrons; and attractiveness. Don’t forget to consider the space that you have available on your counters. Some units provide two taps, so that is something to consider if you have really high volume.

Features to Look For

· Well-insulated water tank
· Cleaning ease
· Easy required maintenance
· A signal that descaling is needed
· Auto shut off in case of dry heating
· Adjustable temperature settings and a timer
· Accessible water overflow outlet
· Drip tray or drain
· Minimal steam escape
· Well-insulated storage tank, which also protects users from scalding
· Accessibility for tall pots or pitchers
· Ready availability for replacement parts

More and more break rooms and food service lines now include countertop water boilers. A drink is just as important as any food offered, and often during the day, even more important. With a little homework you can find the unit that is perfect for your needs and location, and it might look really nice as well.

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