Industries to Focus Investment on in 2013

2013 is the year we will look to see some significant recovery in the economy, which will be particularly prevalent in the US and this will affect the rest of the world. In the past few years, most people have stayed away from industrial investment as it has been too risky and uncertain, but this will change in the next year. There are specific industries which are showing stronger levels of improvement than others, which make them an ideal focus for investment in 2013.


The housing industry has picked up lately and looks set to continue to grow in 2013. There are more buyers on the market which means there is more need for housing and as such, it is a good focus for investment this year. The steady improvement has far from reached its peak so anyone looking for a good return is better to start looking at investing in the housing industry sooner rather than later.


Construction is one of the main industries which took a hit during the economic downfall and this had a knock on effect on other industries. One of the main reasons for this was the fact that many people could no longer avoid mortgages, which meant there was a reduced need for housing and in turn, construction ground to a halt. As the housing market has picked up, the construction industry has also seen vast improvements, which is looking likely to increase in 2013. The construction industry is now a good focus for investment over the next year or so.


Construction is starting to increase again after the economic downturn

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The hotel industry in the United States has also seen some improvements recently and this is set to continue over the next year. The tourist industry is growing in many cities within the US, which means there is an increased need for hotels. In popular tourist cities, such as New York and Las Vegas, the hotel industry continues to expand, which makes it a good area for investment over the year.


We know that energy prices are continuing to rise and this is an industry which is definitely worth an investment in 2013. As energy companies strive to improve sustainability, this industry is always going to be worth a lot of money and is secure enough to think about making an investment in. It is a competitive industry but it is an industry we are always going to need and as such, you can’t really go wrong with an investment in the energy sector.


The internet sector will continue to grow over the course of 2013 and is worth an investment. There are an increasing number of businesses using the internet to promote their businesses and this is an area where we will see a growth for a long time to come. It may be worth thinking about the top players on the internet, such as Facebook and Linked-In, before making an investment. It may also be worth considering investing in a domain name as these can be worth a fortune if you get it just right and invest in one which looks likely to be popular.


The manufacturing industry hit a lull over the last few years but this is an area which is going to see a huge growth in the US over 2013. Manufacturing and exporting is one of the main ways to get the economy going again and the US will be looking to see this as one of the main focuses for the year. As an investment opportunity, the manufacturing industry is definitely worth looking into.


Will manufacturing offer a good return on your investment?

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If you want to make a good return on your investment, these are the main industries which look to be improving over the course of 2013. It is always important to do a lot of research before diving into an investment so you don’t end up losing out.

About the author: Tom Reynolds is a financial advisor for Currency Index and International payment, a foreign money transfer service company. Helping transactions made safety is not only a technical concern but also serious strategic decision. By researching and tracking different industries Tom provides extra value for Currency Index’s clients.