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It’s important to take note that without a happy client base, one kept informed and made to feel appreciated, that a business possesses nothing that enables them to grow and expand. With that important consideration in mind, what measures are you taking to show your clients that you care about their experiences and value their input? clients that you care about their experiences and value their input? A New Year’s resolution many small business owners have made is to develop a better customer management strategy in 2014 with services like call handling by Message Direct, by paying more attention to their clients’ needs/wants and showing them they care about their input. Using social media effectively A mistake many small business owners have been guilty of in recent times is using social media platforms as tools of promotion rather than tools that enable them to interact with their clients. Whilst it’s still advisable to use social media websites like Facebook as a means of promoting your products and services, it is, however, essential to not use social media solely for this purpose. Social media provides small businesses with some excellent opportunities to capitalise upon, most notably enabling them to communicate and interact with their client base to gain a more in-depth understanding of their interests and how they feel about trends that can impact, for better or for worse, on the products and services they proffer to their client base. This communication and interaction between business and client should also focus upon creating a sense of appreciation and gratitude for the interest that their clients have taken in their business and its products and services, after all, without clients what exactly does a business possess? Value Showing appreciation and gratitude As humans, appreciation and gratitude are ingrained in us from a very early age and one of the first things we learn as children is how to say ‘thank you’ upon receiving something. Businesses that successfully leverage marketing, including social media marketing, to their advantage have much to be thankful for but how often do we – as small business owners who have successfully generated interest in our businesses, products and services – thank our clients for their interest? For many small business owners the answer to that question is not as often as they should, though it’s never too late (hopefully) to make a greater effort to show your clients how much you appreciate their business and the input they provide your business with. Showing appreciation for responding to surveys. There are some very good reasons why no one seems to want to respond to business surveys – boring, confusing, irrelevant, overly long, poorly worded, etc. – and understandably business owners look for methods of improving their surveys so as to enjoy a better response from their clients. However, an aspect of using surveys as a means of receiving input, and one that many small business owners are guilty of overlooking, is acknowledging their clients’ input and thanking them for it. This is a big mistake and there’s really no excuse for it because at some point in time most have responded to a survey from a larger, more established business and they’ve received a reply to say ‘thank you’ in response for their efforts. Moreover, all it takes is an email or phone call in response thanking them for their input and if necessary, asking them about the responses they gave with the aim of improving their experiences as a client. Showing your clients that their input is important and appreciated has many outstanding benefits for your business, including the fact that their continued support is essential if your business is to grow and expand.


Whilst there once was a time when it was fashionable, or simply the ‘done thing’, to carpet the entire house from wall to wall in each and every room, nowadays we are seeing more and more rugs laid on laminated, tiled or wooden floors with carpet still used, albeit more selectively.

So where are the best areas of the house to place carpets and rugs? Bedrooms are always a good place for carpets and rugs, perhaps carpeting the entire room and placing an extra soft, warm rug at the foot or side of the bed, as are living rooms since they are also fitting candidates for wall to wall carpeting with the addition of a comfortable rug or two.

The climate and weather where you reside should play a prominent role in your decision whether to opt for wall to wall carpeting or to place a rug over your laminated, tiled or wooden floor, preferably one of the latter two if you have the budget, though having said that, there are some excellent laminated flooring materials on the market that are often mistaken for something else because they look just like real cork, marble or timber, though cost far less.



As with the other rooms in your home the weather in your part of the world will play a major role in your decision as to whether to carpet your bedroom from wall to wall or have an alternate flooring material like bamboo, hardwood, marble or tiles, laid.

If you reside somewhere with a wonderfully warm all year round climate then wall to wall carpeting is probably not the best option here as you are most likely better off with something that keeps your bedroom comfortable and cool, perhaps adding a rug that’s attractive and soft underfoot beside or in front of your bed.

Living rooms

If your living room sees a lot of foot traffic – houses with front doors that open on to the living room are what are being referred to here – you will need to be very selective about the carpet you select, that or you opt for a more durable flooring like bamboo, marble or tiles and invest in a few large rugs. Even hardwoods aren’t always the most astute choice here because, like carpet, they might also not prove as durable as you’d have hoped.

However, it is very cosy to have the entire living room carpeted from wall to wall and this is especially true for those of residing in regions with cooler climates because hard flooring simply isn’t as appealing as carpets during the colder months of the year. Moreover, Sydney carpets help to hold the warmth in living rooms and this can help to significantly reduce your home heating bills during cold winters.

Dining rooms

There are a couple of considerations to take into account with regard to dining room flooring materials, most notably the effect that chairs being moved about will have on the floor. If you have a hardwood floor in your dining room then it’s advisable to invest in a sturdy rug to place under the table and chairs so that the floors won’t become scratched, and it is also for this very reason that wall to wall carpets in dining rooms are such a popular, and astute, selection.

Selecting carpets and rugs

As with all flooring materials there are a number of considerations to take into account when selecting carpets and rugs for your home, the first, and most important, of which is durability. It is important to carpet your house with carpets that boast enviably durable properties, particularly in rooms that see a lot of foot traffic.

This is also the case with rugs, albeit to a lesser extent, though if you plan on placing a rug under your dining table to prevent your hardwood floors from becoming scratched you will need to take this into account.

Cleaning and maintenance are also important considerations because some materials and varieties are easier, and often less expensive, to keep clean. Furthermore, invest in carpet padding, it won’t set you back much more and helps to reduce wear and tear and will also make your carpets more comfortable underfoot.